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I am a dressmaker with 30 years experience in designing and creating high quality garments. Read more

Jane Yang, Bluejade
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Profile | Amanda Gonzalez

Amanda Gonzalez

Amanda Gonzalez
Forum profile:
Amanda Gonzalez
Amanda Gonzalez

Amanda Gonzalez

Web designer and copywriter

Coogee, NSW | www.untangletheweb.com.au

A reluctant member of Generation Y, Amanda leapt off the soloist cliff in 2007 after working too long at a Big 4. As the owner of Untangle the Web, Amanda enjoys helping small business owners who are in the complete dark about 'computers'. Her business designs, copywrites and photographs for small business owners, so they don't have to waste valuable time looking for each individual professional - professionals they don't even know how to qualify.

Amanda's blog focuses on guiding small business owners through the fundamentals of design, copywriting and marketing techniques to strengthen their small business. Her obsession with books is causing her hallway to narrow alarmingly. Amanda lives in Sydney's Coogee with her husband Alan and their boy Lex.

Amanda Gonzalez

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler - Albert Einstein

Articles by Amanda

Google+ explained in plain English

21 Oct 11 | Amanda Gonzalez

Google+ is the talk of the town. It’s been spruiked as the latest and greatest, ready to quash Facebook and Twitter in one fell swoop. If you would like Google+ explained in plain English, read on. Read more

Content marketing 101

15 Apr 11 | Amanda Gonzalez

Publishing content is an excellent way to position yourself as an authority in your industry. But unless you have a firm content marketing strategy, you may be wasting your efforts. Read more

Retweeting tips: Think before you (re)tweet

18 Mar 11 | Amanda Gonzalez

You’ve been told that retweeting tweets is a quick way to share knowledge – and you’re lending someone a hand. But how does it reflect on you? Here are some retweeting tips to consider. Read more

Boost your email newsletter sign up rates

18 Feb 11 | Amanda Gonzalez

Disappointed that you’ve only had a handful of subscribers to your email newsletter? These website enhancements will help you create a newsletter sign up readers can’t resist. Read more

The do’s and don’ts of website contact pages

14 Jan 11 | Amanda Gonzalez

Often overlooked, your website contact page plays an integral role in nurturing a successful relationship with a potential new client – or stopping it dead in its tracks. Read more

How sleeping with my web host averted disaster

08 Dec 10 | Amanda Gonzalez

Thanks to a close encounter, I’ve recently learned that failing to plan for success can be more harmful to your business than you think. Read more

Creating compelling call-to-action buttons

03 Nov 10 | Amanda Gonzalez

Buttons are one of the most effective ways to lead your reader to your page’s call-to-action. Here are seven ways to make your call-to-action buttons irresistible. Read more

Social media tips: Exposing yourself online with class

04 Oct 10 | Amanda Gonzalez

Exposing yourself online can help you gain trust, establish your cred and grow your business. But done badly, it could ruin you. Here are some helpful social media tips. Read more

How to prevent business referrals from going wrong

16 Aug 10 | Amanda Gonzalez

It’s a lovely feeling knowing others think enough of us to make business referrals. But no matter how good their intentions, it’s not always a great fit. Read more

Righting business referrals gone wrong

26 Jul 10 | Amanda Gonzalez

Generating business referrals is the ultimate in marketing. They’re credible, powerful – and they’re free. But how do you undo the damage when referrals go wrong? Read more

Improve your website homepage copy

28 Jun 10 | Amanda Gonzalez

Your homepage is arguably the most important element of your website. In just a few minutes each, these six quick steps will rejuvenate your website homepage copy and get it working harder. Read more

Ten do's and don'ts of successful web design

10 May 10 | Amanda Gonzalez

Successful web design is an involved and time-consuming process. These strategies will help you get the best from both your web designer and your budget. Read more

The nine keys to managing client expectations

18 Feb 10 | Amanda Gonzalez

Mismanaged client expectations can be unpleasant, costly and damaging to your reputation. So what is the best way of managing client expectations to stop them biting you on the backside? Read more

Eight ways to beat writer’s block

07 Jan 10 | Amanda Gonzalez

Everything’s in place. The desk is organised, your pencils are sharpened, the distractions are distracted. Enter stage left, writer’s block. Now what? How do you beat writer's block? Read more

Work integrity: The soloist’s dilemma

22 Oct 09 | Amanda Gonzalez

I’m in business for many reasons. One is to make myself happy, and another is to make others delighted. But what if, to make others happy, I have to compromise my work integrity? Read more

Business and children: friends or foes?

02 Aug 09 | Amanda Gonzalez

I love chatting to my clients and find exchanging snippets strengthens our relationship. I often chat about children as it’s a fairly safe topic to discuss. Or so I thought. Read more

Tips for promoting your website

16 Jun 09 | Amanda Gonzalez

You’ve been handed the keys to your brand new website, and are ready to tell the world. But how exactly are you going to promote your website, and will it cost the earth? Consider these seven good ol’ fashioned tips. Read more

Seven reasons NOT to blog

06 May 09 | Amanda Gonzalez

You’ve read enough articles telling you why you should blog. What about reasons not to blog? This will help you objectively decide whether you should or shouldn’t start a blog. Read more

Making your website’s homepage work

05 Mar 09 | Amanda Gonzalez

Your website's homepage is Increasingly the first impression of your business, and this piece of prime real estate can make or break your cred. So what can you do to keep your visitors reading? Read more

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