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We’re tax accountants so most of the time is spent preparing financial reports and returns for small business clients. Read more

Virginia Bowe, Andersen Bowe Pty Ltd
Heidi Willis, The Earthen Artist
Caterina Zaini, Global Logistics Consulting
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Amanda Greenslade, Australian eBook Publisher
John Debrincat, eCorner Pty Ltd
Wayne Davis, Quick off the Mark Trademarks
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Keagan York, Compass Global Markets Pty Ltd
Karen Curran, Unicorn Graphics
Rebecca Saunders, The Man That Can
Sharon Chim, Queen Bee Maternity
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Maria Pantalone, Infinite Growth
Andrew Caska, Caska IP
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Do you find yourself paying more attention to your business brand than your own personal brand?

Profile | Sara Howard

Sara Howard

Sara Howard
Forum profile:
Sara Howard
Sara Howard

Sara Howard


Annandale, NSW |

Sara discovered she loved writing and words when she was a child - but it then took her almost 30 years to work out how to make a living from it. Her first soloist adventure, a children's clothing business, was prompted by the realisation that combining corporate hours with small children was dangerous for her sanity. After successfully selling that business, she returned to marketing and honed her copywriting skills.

Sara now works with a group of experienced copywriters, running Writers Australia. She's busy writing articles, websites, technical brochures, sales material and direct mail letters. Often all on the same day. With a diverse group of long-standing clients, and an eye for detail and deadlines, Sara is committed to creating clear and persuasive copy that is also enjoyable to read.

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Sara Howard

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein

Articles by Sara

Content marketing: Developing a content strategy

10 May 13 | Sara Howard

Content might well be king, but only if you have a good content strategy. Here are some tips for getting clear on what you want your content marketing to achieve, and how to make it happen. Read more

Copywriting tips: Five rules of engagement

19 Apr 13 | Sara Howard

If your copy doesn’t grab your customers’ attention, how can you expect them to buy your products or services? Here are five ways to make your copy more engaging. Read more

Keywords vs. carewords

22 Mar 13 | Sara Howard

Keywords are great for SEO, but how do you make customers stay on your page once they’re there? That’s where carewords can help. Read more

How to brief a creative

02 Mar 12 | Sara Howard

Soloists wear many hats and while you may be happy to take care of admin and client management, at some point, probably early on, you’ll need the help of a creative. Here are some tips to develop a creative brief. Read more

Storytelling in business: What’s your story?

01 Feb 12 | Sara Howard

A week at a creative writing festival in Ubud got me thinking about the parallels between good copywriting and the craft of storytelling in business. Read more

Creating compelling social media content

24 Nov 11 | Sara Howard

Writing for social media is like fishing with a big net. You need a juicy worm to lure your readers away from all the other nets, and they won’t always bite. So how do you create alluring social media content for your target audience? Read more

Lessons we can learn from mumpreneurs

20 Oct 11 | Sara Howard

Mumpreneurs seem to have a natural ability for juggling family and work. What can they teach us about running efficient and flexible businesses? Read more

Pricing services: Stuck in a timeflow trap?

17 Aug 11 | Sara Howard

From a cashflow point of view, I find running a service-based business a doddle. I can pay myself a regular salary, and my biggest overhead is my MacBook. But the challenge is working out a strategy for pricing services. Read more

Know your features and benefits

22 Apr 11 | Sara Howard

What makes your business truly remarkable? Unless you know your features and benefits and what they mean to your customers, they won’t really care. Read more

Setting boundaries: Work-life balance or work-life blend?

23 Mar 11 | Sara Howard

It’s the soloist’s dream to work from your iPad on the beach, have coffee with friends on your way to meetings, and be available to spend time with the kids. Read more

Handling holidays when running your own business

20 Oct 10 | Sara Howard

Once upon a time, being on holidays meant I could really relax. I’d sleep in, read books, and the biggest decision of the day was where to go for happy hour. This is not the case since I started running my own business. Read more

Identifying your competitive advantage

15 Sep 10 | Sara Howard

Identifying your competitive advantage - the one thing you do better than anyone else - is actually harder than it sounds. Read more

Home-based business: Avoiding the mumpreneur pitfalls

07 Jun 10 | Sara Howard

As a self-confessed mumpreneur, I’m adept at juggling work calls on the school run, networking in the playground, and creating an illusion of always being available but only actually working the hours I want to. Read more

Self performance appraisal

07 Mar 10 | Sara Howard

Being a soloist means you don’t qualify for an ‘Employee of the Month’ award, a big fat performance bonus or regular promotions. Or does it? Have you thought about doing a self performance appraisal. Read more

Confessions of a mumpreneur

29 Dec 09 | Sara Howard

I’m one of these growing hordes of parents who combine kids and business. Furtive work hours and secret networks are just two of the confessions I have to make as a mumpreneur. Read more

Turn your service based business into a product

06 Dec 09 | Sara Howard

I had many ‘Aha!’ moments at Flying Solo LIVE!, but it was a question from the floor that really got me thinking about how I could turn my service-based business into a product. Read more

Business jargon: Don’t join the blandwagon

25 Oct 09 | Sara Howard

One of the joys of writing copy for different industries is that I can spot the clichés from a mile. However, a recent brochure brief won the award for cramming the most meaningless business jargon in one short sentence. Read more

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