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Profile | Julia Bickerstaff

Julia Bickerstaff

Julia Bickerstaff
Forum profile:
julia bickerstaff
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The Business Bakery
Julia Bickerstaff

Julia Bickerstaff

Founder of The Business Bakery

Rose Bay, NSW | www.thebusinessbakery.com.au

Julia is the founder of The Business Bakery, a business designed to help people improve the profitability of their businesses. Julia and the team create 'Recipes for Profit', publish 'Lunch and Learn' ideas, and curate useful information for the time challenged, cash strapped business owner.

Julia is the author of 'How to Bake a Business' and the finance expert on 'Kochies Business Builders'. She's also a popular keynote speaker, writer and profitability coach.

Before she saw the light, Julia was ensconced in the corporate world as a partner at global consulting firm Deloitte. Now, with four young children, a husband and a dog she is out to prove that it is fun and profitable to run a business while raising a family.

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Julia Bickerstaff

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein.

Articles by Julia

Pricing for wimps: Raising prices

10 Apr 13 | Julia Bickerstaff

How can you increase your prices without treading on your regular customers’ toes? Read more

Pricing for wimps: Be the boss of your price

23 Jan 13 | Julia Bickerstaff

You may be the boss of your small business, but are you the boss of your price setting? For some soloists, clients are the ones that set the rate. So how can you regain control over what you charge? Read more

Pricing strategy for wimps: How to price for speed

07 Dec 12 | Julia Bickerstaff

Pricing for speed allows you to fit work in when you need it most whilst keeping customers happy with a more affordable service. Here’s how to do it right. Read more

Pricing strategy for wimps: Your customers’ biggest fear

09 Nov 12 | Julia Bickerstaff

Your customers like you. They’re sure you can do a good job and that you’ll do it on time. So, why do they hesitate buying from you? The reason is: they’re scared. Read more

Pricing for wimps: Do I have to charge everyone the same?

11 Oct 12 | Julia Bickerstaff

Customers are a funny bunch. Some are willing and able to pay a lot more for your product than others, which – from a pricing perspective – is actually a tad annoying. Read more

Pricing for wimps: Should I give a quantity discount?

06 Sep 12 | Julia Bickerstaff

Bulk discounts are commonplace in retail, but do quantity discounts have value if applied to your services? It all comes down to a matter of choice. Read more

Pricing for wimps: The four-letter words that backfire

20 Jul 12 | Julia Bickerstaff

Don’t let low-price terminology drive your customers away. Use confident pricing language in your pricing strategies and you will instil confidence in your clients. Read more

Pricing for wimps: should I charge the same as my competitors?

28 Jun 12 | Julia Bickerstaff

A common shortcut to working out pricing is to charge the same as your competitors, but the competitor pricing strategy isn’t always the best method. Read more

Pricing for wimps: How to get the price you want

07 Jun 12 | Julia Bickerstaff

With pricing, sometimes the dilemma is not what to charge, but rather having the guts to charge it. Read more

Pricing for wimps: your minimum hourly rate

04 May 12 | Julia Bickerstaff

As a soloist, how do you determine what your hourly rate should be? Use this simple three-step formula to help you work out the minimum hourly rate you should be charging. Read more

Pricing for wimps: getting started

28 Mar 12 | Julia Bickerstaff

Pricing is a source of great anguish. And as with many things that cause us anxiety, many soloists choose to deal with the issue by ignoring it. Read more

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