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Thomas Fisher, Life Insurance Comparison
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Profile | David Moore

David Moore

David Moore
Forum profile:
I hate My PC
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I Hate My PC
David Moore

David Moore

Computer & Technology Wrangler

Frankiln, Tasmania |

David frees people from being slaves to their computers and helps them prevent data loss.

David's love of computers started in high school. He built his own computer from a kit and has a special understanding of what is under the hood of a computer.

After 28 years in the computer industry David has a vast amount of experience in almost every aspect of IT. 

The last 13 years prior to forming I Hate My PC were spent as a software testing consultant. 

David was lucky enough to learn early on in his career that quality has to be built in from the start. It can't be an after-thought.

He is passionate about preventing data loss and the appropriate implementation of computer technology.         

Social media link:


David Moore

"Roads, where we are going we don't need roads". Doc Brown - Back to The Future (movie)

Articles by David

Is paying for SEO dead?

17 Jan 14 | David Moore

I have a confession to make: I’ve never paid for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and as things stand today I probably never will. Chances are neither should you. Read more

Why you should change your password

28 Nov 13 | David Moore

If you use the same password for multiple applications or you rarely, if ever, change your passwords, you need to read this. Read more

Password management tools

02 Nov 13 | David Moore

Like most people these days I have dozens of passwords for all sorts of things. Managing and remembering all of these passwords can be a major pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Read more

How to keep your data private

05 Oct 13 | David Moore

Everyone has personal information on their computer they’d prefer to keep private. But how can you ensure your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands? Read more

Securely erasing old computers and devices

14 Sep 13 | David Moore

Don’t sell or dispose of an old computer or device without reading this first. Read more

Email scams: a case study

03 Mar 12 | David Moore

There are an infinite number of email scams doing the rounds. Do you know what to look out for? Read more

Customer expectations: You promised, now deliver...

16 Sep 11 | David Moore

I am somewhat tenacious when it comes to getting what I’ve paid for. I even once managed to get a brand new car replaced after I was sold a lemon. It comes down to customer expectations. Read more

Managing webmail

19 Aug 11 | David Moore

When I recently switched to a Google Apps Gmail account, a few frustrations occurred. Here are the solutions I discovered for managing webmail – they might help you too. Read more

Customer service: What are you promising but not delivering?

20 Jul 11 | David Moore

What customer service messages are you sending your clients? Are you sure they’re receiving the ones you intend? Read more

Data backups - pay attention or you will pay!

04 Apr 11 | David Moore

I’m going to tell you the most important information you’ll ever hear about data backups. They come from the heart, they come from cold hard facts and they come from painful experience. Read more

Safeguarding your business technology

12 Mar 11 | David Moore

Many soloists run their businesses with the bare minimum of business technology – maybe a single computer and a mobile. What happens if something goes wrong? Read more

Websites 101: Developing your web presence

26 Jan 11 | David Moore

Promoting your website and developing a web presence is an ongoing job. These tips will get beginners up and running. Read more

Websites 101: Getting started with DIY websites

17 Dec 10 | David Moore

Those in the market for a website may have considered building their own. If you have thought about DIY websites, here are some options to consider. Read more

Websites 101: Understanding web hosting

20 Nov 10 | David Moore

When you buy a domain name you buy more than just a website address. Most people buy an all-in-one package that includes a domain name, email and web hosting. Read more

Business websites 101: What is a domain name?

15 Oct 10 | David Moore

A domain name is the unique portion of a business website address. It’s the string of letters (and sometimes numbers) between the ‘www.’ and the ’’ Read more

Subcontractor agreements: Contracts for sub-contractors

11 Sep 10 | David Moore

Engaging sub-contractors can help you grow your business without taking on any debt. But it pays to put plenty of thought into your subcontractor agreements first. Read more

Developing confidence: The power of support

30 Jul 10 | David Moore

As a new business owner, it can take a while to get used to other soloists offering their unfailing confidence that you’ll achieve everything you set your mind to. Read more

Lessons on being unique

18 Jun 10 | David Moore

While there isn’t much new under the sun, why do so many people in business worry about what everyone else is doing instead of being unique? Read more

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