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Profile | Jo Macdermott

Jo Macdermott

Jo Macdermott
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Next Marketing
Jo Macdermott

Jo Macdermott

Jo Macdermott, Expert Marketing Consultant

Melbourne, Victoria |

Jo Macdermott is the Head of Business at Next Marketing, a Melbourne based marketing agency that specialises in Marketing Assistance, Marketing Plans, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Solutions. Jo is Flying Solo Expert Contributor and a Certified Practicing Marketer, which is the Australian Marketing Institute's (AMI) professional accreditation program for the marketing industry. Next Marketing is also an award-winning marketing agency, being a Victorian Finalist in 2012 and 2013 in the AMI Marketing Excellence Program.

If you are a Melbourne based business that doesn’t have an in-house marketing team, then Next Marketing is here to help. If you are looking for a consultant who will work hard, provide outstanding communication, and make your marketing budget work harder, then Jo Macdermott from Next Marketing is the expert marketing consultant you need.

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Jo Macdermott

Articles by Jo

Three easy ways to boost your blog subscribers

03 Mar 15 | Jo Macdermott

Are you producing quality content on your blog but no one’s signing up? These three simple strategies can get those subscriber numbers moving upwards again. Read more

Four tips to help you grow web traffic

04 Feb 15 | Jo Macdermott

Read about ways to improve your website traffic so that you can improve your leads and sales. Read more

The key to getting things done

07 Jan 15 | Jo Macdermott

Although you’ve given up the daily 9-5 grind, chances are you are still conditioned to work a set number of hours each day. You don’t have to. Read more

Post-event marketing strategies for soloists

18 Dec 14 | Jo Macdermott

Successful events require time and planning. Although you might feel relieved when it’s over, the work doesn’t stop when the last guest has left. Read more

Useful blog tools you should know about

13 Nov 14 | Jo Macdermott

Blogging has become a must-do activity for any soloist trying to promote their business. That’s why you need to know about these useful tools. Read more

My thoughts on overwhelm

17 Oct 14 | Jo Macdermott

Overwhelm refers to the feeling of drowning under a sea of everyday tasks. Here are my thoughts on why we experience it, and how to combat it. Read more

Bye Google Authorship, hello Rich Snippets!

26 Sep 14 | Jo Macdermott

Last month, Google announced it ended its Authorship program. Don’t worry, if you’ve built up your Google Plus profile, your efforts may not have been in vain. Read more

20 quick tips to make business marketing easier

29 Aug 14 | Jo Macdermott

I’ve condensed my own marketing advice into 20 one line tips. If you’re a busy soloist looking for a quick and easy business marketing guide, this is for you. Read more

Top tips for writing top marketing emails

16 Jul 14 | Jo Macdermott

Despite the popularity of social media and content marketing, email marketing is still a force to be reckoned with. Here are some tips for email success. Read more

Marketing your service: The seven P’s

19 Jun 14 | Jo Macdermott

Marketing a service requires a different approach to marketing a product. Find out the difference in order to increase your marketing success rate. Read more

Event management: How to organise smooth-running events

23 May 14 | Jo Macdermott

Organising events and workshops are an excellent way to build your reputation and expand your network. These event management tips will help you to organise events that run smoothly. Read more

Top ten attributes of a great soloist

16 Apr 14 | Jo Macdermott

Working as a soloist is rewarding but it can also be lonely and challenging. So how do you know if you’re solo-suited? Read on. Read more

Confidence: Cracking the conundrum

18 Mar 14 | Jo Macdermott

Confidence is a term everyone uses, but what does it mean to be a confident person? Let’s find out. Read more

Three social media slip ups!

06 Mar 14 | Jo Macdermott

Soloists are busy people who don’t have time for fruitless social media campaigns and their associated slips ups. To save time and money, avoid these mistakes. Read more

The importance of disclosure when blogging

06 Feb 14 | Jo Macdermott

When you review products and services in your blog, there are several reasons why disclosure is important. Read more

Should you discount your fees to stay competitive?

09 Jan 14 | Jo Macdermott

It can be tempting for small business owners to compete on price to keep up with the competition, but there are other, better ways to go about it. Read more

How to harness the power of ‘no’

29 Nov 13 | Jo Macdermott

This simple word can increase productivity, reduce distractions and help you focus on what’s important. But is ‘no’ always the right thing to say? Read more

Why you should write ‘evergreen’ content

13 Nov 13 | Jo Macdermott

No, it’s got nothing to do with trees… ‘evergreen’ content is content that lasts, and it should make up a significant part of your content marketing strategy. Read more

Sales tips for non-sales people

24 Oct 13 | Jo Macdermott

Think you suck at sales? Never fear. These sales tips will help even the most timid of business owners scale-up their sales skills. Read more

How to write headlines that turn heads

20 Sep 13 | Jo Macdermott

No matter what type of content you are writing, whether it’s a blog post, article, status update, press release or even an email, the headline is one of the most crucial parts. Read more

Five reasons you should give your ideas away

25 Jul 13 | Jo Macdermott

As someone who was formerly against the idea of providing free ideas and advice in blogs and other marketing communication formats, I can completely relate to anyone who disagrees with this headline. Read more

Top five marketing strategies for soloists

05 Jul 13 | Jo Macdermott

As a busy soloist, you’re unlikely to have endless time and resources to spend on small business marketing, so what you execute needs to really count. Focus on these five strategies for maximum bang for buck. Read more

Three marketing strategies to boost your personal brand

18 May 13 | Jo Macdermott

As a soloist, you and your business are essentially one and the same. So when it comes to marketing, it’s just as important to create and promote your personal brand as it is your product or service. Read more

Why you’re spending too much on marketing

13 Apr 13 | Jo Macdermott

Soloists often end up spending more than necessary on their small business marketing. Fortunately, there is plenty that you can do to avoid superfluous spending and keep your budget on track. Read more

Could your email marketing be breaking spam laws?

21 Mar 13 | Jo Macdermott

‘Refer a friend’ email marketing campaigns might seem like an easy way to spread the word about your business. But do they comply with spam laws? Read more

Five social media goals for soloists

01 Feb 13 | Jo Macdermott

Have you made any New Year’s goals for your business? If you are busy setting objectives and gearing up for a profitable year, don’t forget to include a social media marketing strategy as part of your overall plans. Read more

The key to successful online content marketing

08 Nov 12 | Jo Macdermott

Use newsroom principles to gain the trust of your audience and create great quality online content. Read more

How cloud email services can boost your marketing efforts

05 Sep 12 | Jo Macdermott

Cloud email services are becoming an increasingly popular and easy-to-use marketing tool. Here’s how they work, and how you can make the most of them. Read more

Preaching to the converted

04 Aug 12 | Jo Macdermott

Strengthening relationships with your existing client base and marketing directly to them is essential for business growth and success. Read more

Five marketing activities you should stop doing

06 Jul 12 | Jo Macdermott

You may pride yourself on your well rounded marketing strategy, but amongst all those things you’re doing right could be lurking a few marketing activities that are costing you more money than they’re worth. Read more

Using LinkedIn as a marketing tool

09 Jun 12 | Jo Macdermott

Here are some tips on using LinkedIn as a marketing tool so you can market your business around the clock. Read more

Beware the fake marketing consultant

22 Feb 12 | Jo Macdermott

There are many so-called small business marketing consultants to choose from, but how do you separate the good from the bad? These tips should set you on the right path. Read more

Small business tips: Six simple ways to transform your business

18 Jan 12 | Jo Macdermott

Want some simple ideas that will have a real impact on your business? Start with the six small business tips below. Read more

The seven Ps of the marketing mix

18 Nov 11 | Jo Macdermott

The marketing mix is the basis from which all good marketing stems. Read on to discover the seven factors that go into it. Read more

Getting started with LinkedIn

05 Oct 11 | Jo Macdermott

This article will help you with getting started on LinkedIn in two simple steps: setting up your profile and making connections. Read more

Avoiding business burnout

17 Sep 11 | Jo Macdermott

I’m hearing more of my fellow soloists talk about business burnout lately. From what I can tell, it typically starts when we take on too much. Read more

Better blogging

27 Aug 11 | Jo Macdermott

Started a blog, but guilty of neglecting it? Or maybe you’re just not seeing results? These tips will help you get the most bang from your blogging efforts. Read more

An introduction to social media

03 Aug 11 | Jo Macdermott

If you still think ‘Twitter’ is a noise made by birds and that a ‘Facebook’ is some kind of photo album, this introduction to social media is for you. Read more

Is inbound marketing for you?

16 Jul 11 | Jo Macdermott

If you’re trying to attract new clients, you’re probably employing a variety of marketing techniques. But are they the most effective ones for your business? Have you considered inbound marketing? Read more

Online daily deals: A case study

29 Jun 11 | Jo Macdermott

Are online daily deals marketing genius or marketing madness? Learn how things turned out for one Melbourne-based hair salon. Read more

How to successfully outsource your marketing

25 May 11 | Jo Macdermott

How do you do outsource your marketing activities without being taken advantage of or wasting precious time or money? Watch out for these five warning signs. Read more

Modern marketing methods

20 Apr 11 | Jo Macdermott

Marketing methods have changed enormously over the past 20 years. How do you navigate the ever-changing playing field and get the best return on your investment? Read more

Four simple branding tips

16 Mar 11 | Jo Macdermott

Being a soloist doesn’t mean you can’t have a big brand impact or be a leader in your market! Improve your business profile with these easy branding tips. Read more

Improve your results with direct mail campaigns

09 Feb 11 | Jo Macdermott

Direct mail can be a great way to seduce new clients. Here are a few tips for getting your direct mail campaigns right. Read more

Writing briefs

03 Jan 11 | Jo Macdermott

Writing briefs to suppliers is part of everyday business for many soloists. Here’s how to do it with class. Read more

Six common small business marketing mistakes

01 Dec 10 | Jo Macdermott

Watch out for these six small business marketing mistakes and assumptions that many small business owners make, but switched on operators avoid. Read more

Small business advertising: Assessing opportunities

27 Oct 10 | Jo Macdermott

There are an infinite number of ways to spend your advertising dollar, so how do you know which small business advertising opportunities are worth pursuing and which shouldn’t be touched with a barge pole? Read more

Generating word of mouth referrals

29 Sep 10 | Jo Macdermott

Referrals are one of the most effective ways of getting sales, and cost you virtually nothing. So how do you go about generating word of mouth referrals? Read more

Low cost small business marketing ideas - Case study

18 Aug 10 | Jo Macdermott

This case study demonstrates how a hair salon used low-cost small business marketing ideas to attract new customers and more sales. Read more

Designing a logo on a shoestring budget

07 Jul 10 | Jo Macdermott

Does your brand have the right look and feel? If not, it’s time to get back to basics. Start by reviewing your logo – and don’t let the costs of designing a logo hold you back. Read more

Conducting market research, solo style

23 Apr 10 | Jo Macdermott

As a soloist on a tight budget, how can you learn about your target market and adapt your product offering accordingly? Here are some tips for conducting market research, solo style. Read more

Five tips for effective networking

11 Mar 10 | Jo Macdermott

Effective networking can help grow your business when you have little money for marketing. Here’s how to do it. Read more

The four-step sales and marketing audit

28 Jan 10 | Jo Macdermott

Are your promotional materials delivering the best possible outcomes? Here we go back to basics to identify the pieces that need refreshing using a four step sales and marketing audit. Read more

Making your small business newsletters work

20 Dec 09 | Jo Macdermott

With so many small business newsletters around, is it still worth having one? I say yes. I believe both printed and electronic e-newsletters are still valuable and effective – even when produced on a shoestring budget. Read more

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