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Profile | Jacqui Pryor

Jacqui Pryor

Jacqui Pryor
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Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd
Jacqui Pryor

Jacqui Pryor

Trademark Consultant

Upwey, Victoria | www.mmwtrademarks.com.au

After 13 years working as a trademark consultant and paralegal, Jacqui decided to start her own company in this space. Jacqui's passion is to assist small business in protecting their brands, logos and slogans. Trademark registration and related matters are often assumed to be complex and costly - something that only 'big business' can afford. Mark My Words Trademark Services offers affordable, friendly and reliable services so that everyone has access to professional services in this area, without the high price tag often associated.

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Jacqui Pryor

"In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield" - Warren Buffett

Articles by Jacqui

Business with a baby

27 Sep 13 | Jacqui Pryor

Resuming business after having a baby was always going to be a challenge. But I was as prepared for it as possible… or so I thought. Read more

Beware ‘confusingly similar’ trade marks

17 Jul 13 | Jacqui Pryor

Have you noticed a business name or logo that’s similar to yours? Whether you have or haven’t registered it as a trade mark, you need to know about the ‘confusingly similar’ rule to avoid trade-mark infringement. Read more

Should I register a business name or a trade mark?

26 Jun 13 | Jacqui Pryor

What is the difference between a business name and a trade mark, and do you have to register both when starting your business? Chances are, the answer will be ‘yes’. Read more

Using images legally online

23 May 13 | Jacqui Pryor

Including images on your website, blog and social media platforms is a great way to give your business a visual boost online. But what are the rules when it comes to using and sharing images? Read more

How the latest changes to IP laws could affect your business

27 Apr 13 | Jacqui Pryor

The Australian intellectual property (IP) system has undergone its biggest overhaul in decades. Here are some key changes and their implications for small businesses. Read more

Preparing business for baby

20 Mar 13 | Jacqui Pryor

One baby is up and running (your business!) and now there’s a real baby on the way. How can you make sure things are in order before your little one arrives? Read more

Licensing your intellectual property

20 Feb 13 | Jacqui Pryor

If you own intellectual property then you have the right to authorise other people to use it (aka license the use) if you wish. Before you do, here are some considerations you should be aware of. Read more

Trade marking smells, sounds, shapes and colours

16 Jan 13 | Jacqui Pryor

It’s not just logos, business names and tag lines that can be trade marked. You can also register original fragrances, audio, shapes and shades. Read more

Written agreements: Things to keep in mind

13 Dec 12 | Jacqui Pryor

Every business owner will likely be party to various written agreements in the course of running their business. Here are some important points to consider before signing the dotted line. Read more

Trade mark infringement explained

15 Nov 12 | Jacqui Pryor

How do you know if your trade mark is being infringed, and what should you do about it? Read on for the answers. Read more

International trade mark registration tips when exporting products

20 Sep 12 | Jacqui Pryor

You may have registered your trade mark in Australia, but that won’t protect your brand in other countries if exporting your products. Follow these tips for international trade mark registration and be on the safe side. Read more

Using well-known brands in domain names

17 Aug 12 | Jacqui Pryor

If you are a practitioner of an existing product, you may be tempted to register a domain name containing that product or brand name. But there are some things you should consider before using well-known brands in domain names. Read more

Correct use of registered trade marks: Know your rights

26 Jul 12 | Jacqui Pryor

So you’ve registered a trade mark, but now what? Do you fully understand your rights relating to registered trade marks and how you can or cannot use ithen Read more

Five things to remember when registering a trade mark

13 Jun 12 | Jacqui Pryor

Registering a trade mark can be a tricky business for soloists. Get it right first go with these essential tips. Read more

Five benefits of registering a trademark

24 May 12 | Jacqui Pryor

Why should you consider registering a trademark? Here are just some of the benefits only a registered trademark can bring your business. Read more

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