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Profile | Michelle Kvello

Michelle Kvello

Michelle Kvello
Forum profile:
Michelle Kvello

Michelle Kvello

Director, Lantern Partners

South Coogee, NSW |

Michelle Kvello is a Chartered Accountant and founder of Lantern Partners, a Sydney based consultancy which works flexibly with your business providing virtual CFO support to help you effectively manage and grow your business.

We work with you across the following areas:

•       Business planning and goal setting
•       Business performance measurement
•       Strategy and business development
•       Pricing, cost and margin analysis
•       Financial management

Do you know where your numbers are taking your business? Will they deliver on your strategic vision and provide you with the outcomes you need?

Our vision is to ensure your business numbers deliver you real world results. It’s more than the finance; it’s about achieving what you want.

LinkedIn profile:
Twitter: @michellekvello

Michelle Kvello

"A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor" - English Proverb.

Articles by Michelle

When to trust your instincts

19 Dec 14 | Michelle Kvello

Sometimes you need to take a deep breath, step back and trust your instincts. Here are some key times when you need to listen to your inner voice. Read more

Do you have what it takes to start your own business?

31 Jan 14 | Michelle Kvello

Ever thought about casting off the shackles of the nine to five and ditching the boss? Before you resign in a blaze of glory ask yourself these ten questions. Read more

Seven LinkedIn etiquette tips

11 Jan 14 | Michelle Kvello

With four million users in Australia alone, LinkedIn is great for making connections and raising your profile in your industry. But how do you put your best foot forward and avoid tactical blunders? Read more

How much is your business worth?

30 Nov 13 | Michelle Kvello

If you haven’t already worked this out there may come a time – when selling, merging or seeking investment in your business – that you will need to. So what’s the answer? Read more

Four key financial reports you need to run your business

23 Oct 13 | Michelle Kvello

Many small-business owners find financial reporting daunting, but ignore it at your peril. Here are the key financial reports you need to understand to run your business effectively. Read more

Spring clean your business

07 Sep 13 | Michelle Kvello

The sun is shining and spring is officially here! This is the perfect time to clear the cobwebs off your business. Read more

Five trends your solo business can’t ignore

27 Jun 13 | Michelle Kvello

Adapt or die has never been a more relevant mantra for businesses in today’s ever-changing world. Here are five trends that you must be aware of to ensure your business survives. Read more

Five questions to ask before selling your business

29 May 13 | Michelle Kvello

Whether you’ve always had an exit strategy in place or it’s something you have only just started thinking about, here are five essential questions to ask yourself before selling your business. Read more

Is it time to give yourself an annual review?

02 May 13 | Michelle Kvello

For most of us who have struck out on our own, breaking away from corporate bureaucracy is one of the many advantages of flying solo. However, an annual performance review is an essential business tool. Read more

Don’t let ‘getting bigger’ get in the way of business growth

06 Apr 13 | Michelle Kvello

It’s an oxymoron, right? How could getting bigger possibly get in the way of your growth? Well, it can and it quite often trips businesses up. Read more

Which social media platform is best for your business?

09 Jan 13 | Michelle Kvello

If the thought of maintaining several social media accounts makes your head spin, perhaps you should try focusing on one (or a few) that are best suited to your business. Here are four major players, and how to know if they’re right for you. Read more

Multitasking: Is it good or bad for productivity?

29 Nov 12 | Michelle Kvello

Research is divided on the benefits of doing many tasks at once. So should we curb multitasking, or should we embrace it? Read more

The seven deadly small business start-up sins and how to avoid them

01 Nov 12 | Michelle Kvello

Starting a new business is a daunting step. Here are the seven expensive mistakes that every small business start-up needs to avoid. Read more

The secret to small business success is in your KISS

26 Sep 12 | Michelle Kvello

My business went from strength to strength simply by learning how to KISS. Here’s how your snall business can achieve success, too. Read more

Four tips for achieving your business goals

10 Aug 12 | Michelle Kvello

Setting business goals is one thing, but actually achieving them is a whole other story. Use these tips to stay focused on achieving your business goals even when life gets in the way. Read more

Unlock the value of the internet economy

16 Jun 12 | Michelle Kvello

The internet economy is estimated to reach $4.2 trillion in the G-20 countries by 2016. So exactly where does the value for soloists lie and how can you leverage it to take your slice of the pie? Read more

How smart sourcing can help your bottom line

12 May 12 | Michelle Kvello

Smart sourcing is the big brother of outsourcing: it’s not just about cutting costs; it’s about sourcing the optimum solution for your business, making sure that it stays agile and flexible. Read more

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