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Profile | Lynda Bayada

Lynda Bayada

Lynda Bayada
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Lynda B
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Lynda Bayada
Lynda Bayada

Lynda Bayada

Coach, consultant, facilitator

Cremorne, NSW |

Someone once told me that our purpose in life is simply this: to live, to love, to grow and to give. Easy, huh... then why aren't we all doing it? 

I’ve figured out that my purpose in life is to help you achieve yours. I like to think I've earned the right to claim expertise in guiding successful transitions from the corporate career ladder to the aspirational life path. My own corporate career was very successful by the usual metrics – money and perks of leadership – but didn't inspire happiness or fulfilment. Leaving it behind, I absorbed some hard knocks, weathered pain and endured many blows. Now I'm eager to deflect those for you. 

I do not arrive with any preconceived notions of the path that leads to your purpose in life and in fact we may come to discover that the path is more important than the destination. Everything arises from your desires, our discussions, and the strategies we build together tailored precisely to your needs. 

My own journey has been fascinating and filled with lessons, and embarking to discover my purpose in life has been the most rewarding decision I have ever made... and it's not complete until I share the same possibilities for ultimate happiness and satisfaction with you, and as many other like-minded thrill seekers as I can. 

I am here to help you achieve your biggest dreams, to render the challenges surmountable and the dizzying heights of joy scalable, one step at a time. You’ll soon find that the only thing that’s really holding you back is…you.

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Lynda Bayada

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi

Articles by Lynda

Is a detour right for your business?

15 Mar 15 | Lynda Bayada

The road to solo-ship is seldom straight or smooth. So how do you know which detours to take … and which to push through? Read more

Golden rules for partnerships

09 Jan 15 | Lynda Bayada

Partners are those you have a mutually beneficial business relationship with. By working well together the results are far greater than going it alone. Read more

Soloist challenge: How to deal with advice

09 Dec 14 | Lynda Bayada

I’ve recently had to reassess my soloist future as well as deal with people’s well-meaning but uninvited advice. Here’s my story. Read more

Soloism: My journey with guilt and loneliness

27 Nov 14 | Lynda Bayada

These days I am a proud and happy soloist, but soloism had its struggles in the early days. This is my journey. Read more

How to break up with your clients gracefully

29 Oct 14 | Lynda Bayada

The time may come when you have to utter those five little words, “It’s not you, it’s me”. Here’s how to break up with clients gracefully. Read more

Excuse buster: Dealing with the word ‘how’

20 Sep 14 | Lynda Bayada

In business, the word ‘how’ can fuel procrastination and inaction. Deal with it correctly though, and the opposite will happen. Read more

How to be unique without competing

06 Aug 14 | Lynda Bayada

Finding our uniqueness can be tough. But once we find it, we don’t necessarily have to treat everyone else as a competitor. Read more

How to gain your clients’ respect

01 Jul 14 | Lynda Bayada

You treat your clients with respect, right? But it’s equally important that they respect you too. Here are some tips to help gain and maintain their respect. Read more

Facts about fearing risk

12 Jun 14 | Lynda Bayada

As soloists you’re already familiar with risk. After all, you march to the beat of your own drum. But do you know the facts behind fearing risk? Learn now. Read more

Kapow! How to set punchy, gutsy goals

02 May 14 | Lynda Bayada

As someone trained in coaching, I’m supposed to love goals. Supposed to. In truth I find them rather one dimensional. Goals need to be punchier! Read more

It’s about your clients, not you!

26 Mar 14 | Lynda Bayada

In our quest to be industry leaders, we can sometimes lose sight of the most important people in business – our customers. Read more

Start ups: Why it’s okay to slow down

01 Mar 14 | Lynda Bayada

In the rush to set up your business you might ignore some vital signs for creating a stronger foundation. It’s okay to slow down, here’s why. Read more

Three steps to reframe your nerves

25 Jan 14 | Lynda Bayada

As a soloist it’s possible that you may need to speak in front of others. If you have nerves to overcome, here are three tips to help you combat them. Read more

Workload management: Should I take on a new project?

04 Dec 13 | Lynda Bayada

Wondering whether to take on that new project? These six tips will help you decide if it will really be of value to your business. Read more

The importance of celebrating success

09 Nov 13 | Lynda Bayada

Celebrating your successes can give your business a much-needed boost. Here are some tips for making sure you do it often. Read more

Stop doing ‘stuff’ and start doing what you love

21 Sep 13 | Lynda Bayada

Taking consistent and purposeful action towards your main goal is a constant mantra for any soloist, but it’s easy to run off course. Here are some simple tips on how to stay on task – the right tasks – in your business. Read more

How showing your appreciation can benefit business

23 Aug 13 | Lynda Bayada

Letting someone know you appreciate them or simply throwing a compliment their way can improve your relationships, energy and business. Here’s how. Read more

How to use anger positively for business

01 Aug 13 | Lynda Bayada

Some say anger is a useless emotion, but getting hot under the collar can be positive for business if the feeling is channelled in the right way. Here’s how to use anger constructively. Read more

Why playing to serve is better than playing to win

29 Jun 13 | Lynda Bayada

In today’s business environment it’s hard to resist trying to get ahead of the competition. But playing to win doesn’t do business owners any favours. Here’s why playing to serve will serve you better. Read more

Staying in love with your business

24 May 13 | Lynda Bayada

As many couples will tell you, having longevity and success in romantic relationships takes commitment and hard work, as well as that special ‘zing’. Here’s how to remain in love with your business. Read more

The art of listening

03 May 13 | Lynda Bayada

Listening is a skill, a conscious activity and, it seems, a slowly dwindling art form. If you find yourself tuning out when other people speak, it’s time to relearn the art of listening. Read more

Never, ever, EVER give up

02 Mar 13 | Lynda Bayada

The tenacity you have in your business will help direct, focus and sustain you. But what happens when we lose our tenacity? How can we get it back? Read more

The value of asking good quality questions

17 Jan 13 | Lynda Bayada

The questions you ask of your small business have the power to shape it – for better or worse. Putting a positive spin on your questions will help bring about more positive results. Read more

Empower yourself by raising consciousness

10 Nov 12 | Lynda Bayada

Being wholly aware of your thoughts and changing the negative banter in your mind can bring many benefits to you and your business. Read more

Tips for having those difficult conversations

18 Oct 12 | Lynda Bayada

Addressing issues with co-workers, clients and contractors is never easy, but there are ways to make those difficult conversations less confronting and result in a better outcome. Read more

The key to successful business partnerships

11 Aug 12 | Lynda Bayada

Entering business partnerships is like any long-term relationship, and the biggest factor determining the success of that relationship is having a set of common values. Read more

Progress is better than perfection

07 Jul 12 | Lynda Bayada

Too often we let perfectionism get in the way of progress. As soon as we stop trying to be flawless we allow our true greatness to shine through. Read more

How to deal with naysayers

14 Jun 12 | Lynda Bayada

Any new business will receive some hard knocks when trying to get off the ground. These can come in the form of technology, cash flow or budgeting problems; but perhaps most commonly, hard knocks come in the form of people. Along the way to realising your Read more

How to be believable

26 Apr 12 | Lynda Bayada

Believability is an important attribute in selling yourself and your product, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Here are some tips on how to be believable. Read more

Flexing your decision-making muscle

17 Mar 12 | Lynda Bayada

Indecision is exhausting. If you’re struggling with it, perhaps it’s time to start exercising your decision-making power. Read more

Keep calm and carry on

26 Nov 11 | Lynda Bayada

Have you ever noticed that during times of turmoil and economic uncertainty, leaders remain calm? I think we should take a leaf from their book, and keep calm and carry on. Read more

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