Anish Baheti

Concepts Coach Melbourne


Anish Baheti is the Founder of Concepts Coach ® (AUS). He specializes in working with business owners, working professionals and senior managers who struggle to understand the Accounting & Finance side of their business/work. He aims to create a unique concept based education/training platform Entrepreneurs & Professionals by helping them understand the logic behind numbers in SIMPLE & easy language. Two of the most sought after services for business owners are:


Option 1 – E-Sessions Choose this option, if you want to learn some common business topics from the comfort of your own home/office at an affordable price. Three of the most popular topics for small-business owners are:

Introduction to 4 key Financial Statements

Why Profit is “ Not Always Equal” to Cash?

Break Even Analysis for a small business owner?


Option 2 – Concept Videos: Choose this option, if you want to understand a few topics specific to your business needs. Consider, for example, accounting flow, budgeting, financial ratio analysis, key financial statement, accrual vs. cash etc.

Still have a question? Call, text, whats app (+61403273680) or email me for a quick response.

Happy learning!

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