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Ingrid Moyle (Cliff) is the Chief Word Wizard (aka copywriter) who works with micro and small business owners struggling to find the time and the right words to market their business.

After completing a degree in Psychology and the History and Philosophy of Science (she was trying to find the meaning of life), Ingrid spent the first 15 years of her career in senior Human Resource Management roles.

She escaped over the corporate wall and morphed into a world of words, and is now the author of the best-selling "Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual."

Surprisingly free of jargon, buzzwords and never-ending overhead presentations debating the personas of your customers, Ingrid instead focuses on tangible, easy-to-implement small business marketing that gets results.

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"A niche is what's missing. There's a space that, if you fill it, will make the whole community stronger." - Tad Hargrave


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