Julian Mahoney

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Anything your secretary or office assistant can do can be outsourced to us:
  • Prepare your Word documents, Powerpoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets
  • Manage your emails and forward only the urgent ones to you
  • Manage your appointments and meetings and send you reminders and wake-up calls
  • Handle and attend to your voice mail messages
  • Transcribe minutes of your meetings
  • Manage and maintain your database
  • Make calls to clients and suppliers
  • Search for the best and cheapest places for your online shopping needs, order stuff for you and have them delivered at your doorstep
  • Contact customer service hotlines of your banks, utility providers and suppliers to settle anything on your behalf
  • Plan for your next trip, schedule and book your flights and accommodations
  • Do research for you

  • Cold Calling
  • Lead Generation
  • New Customer Campaigns

  • Chat live with your customers and prospects
  • Attend to support tickets or email queries from customers so that they are responded to right away
  • Update your FAQs based on queries we get from your customers

  • Social Media Creation and Marketing - facebook, twitter and blogs.
  • Article Writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Web Design and development

Outsourcing Staff Offshore for Australian Business

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