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Property Focus In Sydney PO Box 635, Avalon Beach, 2107

Property Focus in Sydney is an independently owned and managed real estate agency specializing in meeting the needs of home buyers and sellers 50 plus.


With Principal Linda Coskerie at its helm, Property Focus in Sydney is an independently owned and managed boutique real estate agency – a unique alternative for those transitioning to senior living. If you are looking to sell your home on Sydney’s north side and move into something more appropriate for your future needs … look no further.

PFiS understands that moving from your family home is both emotional and stressful. You need compassion, communication and practical guidance – support at every step to ensure successful and unstressful outcomes. This huge and sometimes complicated life transition often involves the whole family! Accurate advice is essential.

We are seasoned selling agents committed to achieving the best price for your much-loved property. We blend specialised expertise with the latest web-based marketing strategies and have a plethora of additional personalised services designed for seniors.

Linda boasts more than 25 years experience in real estate. During this time, she recognised a distinct lack of service for 50+ clientele and their broader intergenerational landscape. PFiS is the first of its kind to formalise such a service – a custom tailored no-pressure approach to the sale of your property. We also offer a comprehensive Development Consultancy Service.

Enthusiastic and efficient. Caring and considerate. Linda brings with her the necessary skills and discretion expected by her clients. She knows seniors. She’s an SRES ® member and a certified senior specialist.

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