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Mary's been making a living from words all her working life - as a teacher, freelance writer, facilitator, speaker and consultant. She's been a soloist most of that time having made the decision years ago to work around her children. Now the children are grown (and almost gone), she just likes the lifestyle.

The author of two small business marketing books Promote Your Business: How to write effective marketing material for your small business and Talk Up Your Business, Mary has a new book Write to Govern in the pipeline. She’s also developed three online training programs on grammar, business writing and promotional writing.

Mary writes a monthly e-newsletter, Factorial, about writing, grammar and marketing.

The M Factor

The beautiful part of writing is that you don't have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon - Robert Cormier, US author


  • Marketing

    Grammar tips: Colons and semicolons

    23 January 2011 by

    Confusion about colons abounds. Here we provide some grammar tips that break down the difference between colons and semicolons so you can use them effectively in your writing.

  • Marketing

    The correct use of commas

    28 April 2010 by

    Commas aid clarity, prevent ambiguity and indicate where you need to pause. Often you can tell if you need a comma by reading your work out loud. Here we look at the correct use of commas.

  • Marketing

    Punctuation rules: Correct use of apostrophes

    25 December 2009 by

    With so many different punctuation rules that need to be followed when writing the English language, it can sometimes get confusing. This article outlines the correct use of apostrophes.

  • Marketing

    Storytelling in marketing

    13 October 2009 by

    We all love a good story, so how can we use storytelling in marketing material? It’s easier to tell stories when face-to-face with a prospect, but we can also use some storytelling concepts in our written marketing material.

  • Marketing

    Business writing: How to tidy up sentences

    10 May 2009 by

    Do you want to express yourself better in your business writing? Then tidy up your sentences. Looking closely at sentence length and structure will help make your words work for you.

  • Marketing

    Tips for writing marketing material

    22 March 2009 by

    As soloists, most of us have to write our own marketing material whether or not we enjoy writing. Often we’re so busy thinking about what we want to say that we lose sight of our audience. Even experienced writers can fall into this trap.

  • Marketing

    Styles in modern business writing

    20 November 2008 by

    First impressions count and we usually judge a piece of business writing on its visual appearance before we’ve even read a word.

  • Marketing

    Tips for self-editing and proofreading

    4 September 2008 by

    As most soloists can’t afford to pay a proofreader to edit their writing, the occasional typo is inevitable. However, to make sure your final copy is as good as possible, here are some tips for self-editing and proofreading.

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