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Noel Ranger is a real Australian soloist operating a professional service business. Basically, if you pay his hourly rate he'll pretty much do whatever. He secretly loves it when people call him an entrepreneur. Although deep down he knows he is too lazy to put in the effort needed to grow a huge business. Noel hides his failure to build a fortune by trumpeting on about the importance of 'a balanced life'.

All his friends work for big corporates. Often, when he sits alone in his home office, he yearns for a BlackBerry, an expense account and an annual bonus. That's why he is so cynical about corporate life. He lives with his wife, kids and several large chips on his shoulder. He refers to himself as 'Big Noel'.



Email: [email protected]

Freelance consultant and entrepreneur

If at first you don't succeed, have a crack at something else.


  • Technology

    Noel Ranger is out of the office

    21 December 2009 by

    Tis the season of the email auto responder. Here’s what’s going in my festive message this year, you are most welcome to model yours on my inspiring words. Your clients will love you for it.

  • Marketing

    Why your clients are like dogs

    9 July 2009 by

    I mean no disrespect, but your clients are like dogs and should be treated as such. When they come bounding up to your business with their big hopeful eyes, wet noses and wagging tails, don’t be fooled.

  • Wellbeing

    25 lies told by freelancers and clients

    12 May 2009 by

    Liars are everywhere, but they’re hard to spot, even if their pants are on fire. Never fear, I’ve researched the top 25 business lies told by freelancers and clients. Actually, there are only 14, but 25 will attract more RSS and Twitter readers.

  • Money

    Is a ballpark too much to ask?

    12 June 2008 by

    Whilst in the market for a new Thingy, I struggled to get a straight answer about cost. I mean, how hard can it be to make a rough guess? Very, it turns out.

  • Wellbeing

    Can you run a business from the beach?

    27 February 2008 by

    Inspired by those cheesy images of freelancers working blissfully from the beach, I took a towel, sunnies, big straw hat and my trusty laptop down to the beach to write my Flying Solo article in the sun. Here’s the unedited result.

  • Starting

    22 things you MUST do every day

    12 December 2007 by

    With so many self-help books around, keeping up with the latest tips can be a major challenge for the time-poor solo business owner. Never fear, Big Noel sat down in Borders with a super-size latte and summarised just a few of the gurus’ tips.

  • Marketing

    Stop thief! When customers don’t pay

    18 October 2007 by

    Missing: One Word document, three ideas and a truckload of expertise. If seen, please return to Noel Ranger. I've been robbed and am not happy, Jan.

  • Starting

    Working from home: Confessions from the third bedroom

    23 August 2007 by

    The next time some well-meaning relative asks me how my 'little' business is going, when I’m getting an office, or, if I’m still 'just' freelancing, I’m going to chop down the family tree. It really gets my goat.

  • Marketing

    Ideal clients? Man, you just gotta love big ones

    20 June 2007 by

    Dear big, massive, ideal client, Thank you for getting in touch to request a proposal for my services. I was so honoured when you selected little old me to be officially added to your ‘strategic solutions partners preferred supplier list’.

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