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The Flying Solo podcast is the show for those starting or growing a small business. Join Robert Gerrish as he talks with inspiring soloists and expert guests on all things solo, micro and small business. Catch the latest shows below, via your favourite Apple or Android device, or through Soundcloud, Stitcher and iTunes.

94. Big benefits from small workshops

As an expert, FAQs are a good measure of demand. Imagine giving your answers in front of a roomful of people. David Jenyns reckons this a great (and easy) marketing action, if you do it properly. Discuss this show

92. Get out and speak (leaving your nerves at home)

If your stomach churns at the prospect of speaking and presenting, but in your heart you know it’s good for business, Yvonne Adele can help. In this podcast she shares her tips following 20 years behind the mike. Discuss this show

93. Getting the most out of event attendance

Andrew Klein has participated in over 850 national and international events and reckons that with a little preparation, delegates can squeeze more value from their involvement. Discuss this show.

91. Being a creative and a suit

The ad industry has a clear line between the creative types and the account service people, so what happens when a soloist has to wear both hats? Nicolas Di Tempora reckons it's a better way of working. Discuss this show

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