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The Flying Solo podcast is the show for those starting or growing a small business. Join Robert Gerrish as he talks with inspiring soloists and expert guests on all things solo, micro and small business. Catch the latest shows below, via your favourite Apple or Android device, or through Soundcloud, Stitcher and iTunes.

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86. Darren Rowse on the business of blogging


As founder of the massively popular ProBlogger event, and with well over a decade at the forefront of blogging, there's no one better placed to give us a snapshot of the industry. Discuss this show

84. The futility of follower envy

Stuart Brown runs a couple of very popular online businesses and spends an increasing amount of time mentoring newbies. He’s forever advising others to stop being fooled by big follower numbers and explains why. Discuss this show

85. Turning a challenge into a business


When Ngaire Stirling realised her first child needed a high level of care, she never imagined she'd build a business around her experience. But build it she did and it's all got very grown up. Discuss this show.

83. Insights from an award winning innovator

In this podcast, Amanda Westphal demonstrates how an innovation mindset gave birth to her business and keeps it pumping. And with the impetus of a different kind of birth, she shares how she cut eight hours off her work day.

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