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The Flying Solo podcast is the show for those starting or growing a small business. Join Robert Gerrish as he talks with inspiring soloists and expert guests on all things solo, micro and small business. Catch the latest shows below, via your favourite Apple or Android device, or through Soundcloud, Stitcher and iTunes.

103. The essential business calculations for all startups

For many startups, ‘the idea’ gets more attention than the financials. Risky business. In this podcast, David Shire walks us through the figures we must be clear on. Grab a pen and paper and listen in. Discuss this show.

101. Going for growth? Buy a fellow soloist!

We're in the midst of a wave of baby-boomers keen to exit their business and if you’re serious about growing, why not consider buying one? There are plenty of good reasons. Brendan Cockram helps us get started. Discuss this show.

102. What are you doing all day (and why)?

When Leigh Martinuzzi was overwhelmed by dislike for his job, he started being a bit kinder to himself. This improved his attitude, got him the sack and set him off on a great new journey. Here’s what he’s learned. Discuss this show

100. How to do more of the things you love (and less of the other stuff)

Dominique Perri runs an online fashion store for 0-10 year olds and after 5 years is loving her work more each day. In this podcast she talks about how she set things up to keep the passion alive. Discuss this show

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