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Behind the Business: Ann Bolch

Writing, editing & story coaching for people with big ideas

We help you communicate your best work through tailored writing, editing & story-coaching services. Got a book in you? A series of blogs? An industry-specific essay? Contact us to discuss your needs.

A story to tell clients include people with big ideas from all types of industries, such as health, employment, education, publishing, real estate, finance, fitness, death care and more. A number of published or soon-to-be published authors use A story to tell editing and story coaching services.

Depending on your communication needs and goals, we can:

  1. help you learn to articulate your excellent work (aka ‘story coaching’*)
  2. edit your existing text to make it more snappy
  3. ghost write your communications in your voice.

Of course, any blend of all three may suit your projects.  Our services include articles, blogs, books, brochures, speeches and all web content.

*  ‘Story coaching’ is where we help you improve your writing skills (and therefore your overall communication skills).

Ann Bolch has been a real asset to my organisation. She can turn her hand to all types of writing and editing, and does so enthusiastically, thoughtfully and in a timely manner. Ann listens to our needs and then goes off and does her thing … always coming back with something that utterly reflects Nova Employment. She does this in a friendly, compassionate and professional way. Oh, and she helped me write my first book! You can read about The Ten Demandments  here.

Martin Wren, CEO NOVA Employment

As a personal trainer, I’m always thinking about how to get the best out of people. Ann’s gentle but unrelenting questioning, and engaging nature means she does this intuitively. Her advice on structure, flow and message guided the manuscript to become exactly the book I’d hoped for.I’ve had so much great feedback from people reading the book then making a commitment to change their lives for the better. I’m eternally grateful for Ann’s part in that. She’s a gem!

Danny McAllister, Owner McAllister's Fitness

We were pleased to have Ann Bolch’s skills on board when we set up our Fernlea House Memoirs Program. As a writer, editor and interviewer, she knew exactly how to ask questions of our guests to get their memories rolling and their stories flowing. And she backed up these concrete skills with patience, compassion and an interest in people. Ann also trained other volunteers in the art of writing questions, creating a safe space to tell stories, and listening. She helped our volunteers learn the technical skills of recording, transcribing and editing the text. All this was done with respect for each person’s skills and experience. Ann’s professional and personal skills would be an asset to any individual or organisation wanting their story told.

Helen Pike, Manager Fernlea House

Woodend, 3442


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