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Behind the Business: Steven Irwin

Telecommunications * IT * Web

Experienced consultants and technologists providing advice and solutions with telecommunications, IT, and all things internet. We are thorough, experienced, dependable, and cost effective.

Our first love is consulting and nothing is more satisfying than drawing on a lifetime of experience to assist someone else reach their goals.  Nothing on earth beats giving of oneself to help another and see them successfully move on. Our second love comes out of all the interesting and sometimes bizarre problems we see and turning the solutions into a marketable service or product.  Why just help one when you can help many! So if you have a problem and it involves technology why not consult with us?  Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Procurement support – RFQ, RFT, RFI preparation, assessment, review.
  • Strategic advice – we have strong backgrounds in Telecommunications design, operations, sales, and procurement with management positions within Telecoms Carriers and years of experience consulting to government and small business.
  • Technology support – we provide support services to business looking to focus on their prime business.  Let us support your Telcoms, IT, and online infrastructure and let you get on with business:
    • Dedicated or Virtual server support.  We provide an on call or managed service to assist you when things go wrong.
    • WordPress support – once the darling of people wishing to get online quickly, WordPress is now reaping the results of its own popularity.  Regular updates, targeted attacks (hackers), incompatibilities, constant streams of comments from spammers etc. We provide a management service to give you your life back.  We also repair, modify, and update existing sites or even design new sites from scratch.
  • IP Video Intercom Systems – we are the importer of an IP based SIP Video Intercom system.  This came out of one of our consulting projects and we have been very impressed with the performance of this system.  We wholesale, supply, integrate, customise, design, install and support these systems.  Contact us for more information or visit our web site.

We are always looking for good resellers of our IP Intercom systems so please contact us if you are interested.

10 Tom Latimer Court, Worongary, QLD, 4213

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