Atomik Business Support Services

IRYMPLE, VIC, 3498 Business coaching, Business consulting, Cloud services, Virtual assistants

Our service provides you targeted support custom to your needs whilst saving you on costs and overheads. we add efficiency to your business and leave you free to do your core business activities.

Atomik Business Support Services delivers savings in costs & overheads whilst providing you efficiency in running your business through services such as

  • VA – Virtual Assistant – small to medium timeframe administrative assistance – No need to have someone on site for minimum of 4 hours and experienced administration staff will provide professional services.
  • Business Startup Co-ordination – We provide support and a network of services to assist you in the essential start up phase and ongoing if required beyond startup. “Do what you do well and engage in help to do the rest”. We have a 6 week plan to assist in getting all you need done with 1 hour weekly sessions which includes targeted support in the startup phase.
  • Technology tutoring – Have some new software or need to demystify the use of new technology – We will find you suitable training resources and deliver the tutoring to you in person or in webinar format one on one to ensure you get the full benefit of your software or hardware choice.
  • Pay per Click and Traffic brokering – Provide traffic to your websites from a network of over 2.5 Million business users world wide to provide your business exposure.
  • Systems & Process Engineering – Business Analysis, Process Engineering and System Implementation including systems as large as SAP.

We do this by utilising many of our network connections and 1 have a team with over 20+ years in many of these areas, including  Admin Support staff, Analysts and Programmers in our network.


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