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Behind the Business: BoxScape

Boxscape is a new concept in outdoor living within Australian cities

Boxscape is a new concept in improving the overall well-being, happiness, and outdoor connection for urban dwellers living in Australian cities.

We felt that in many major Australian cities, the outdoor spaces were not being utilised to their full potential, leaving the landscape in many populated areas lackluster and bland. Compared to many cities overseas, the balconies in Australia can be uninspiring, lack vegetation, and give off a somewhat beige and boring experience to the urban dweller.

For those who live in an urban setting, their balcony space should be treated with the same respect as their internal living areas. There should be beautiful green space, exciting furniture, and a refuge for the senses from the busyness of city life.

Introducing Boxscape Selections

Boxscape packages are elegantly designed botanical boxes and small-space focused furniture pieces that evoke good vibes and tranquility. Pulling inspiration from Japanese innovation, with a sensible Australian flare, all of the Boxscape pieces are affordable and artfully crafted to be beautiful and modern additions to your balcony or space.

Our balcony attaching “boxscapes” are designed to help maintain a connection to the outdoors without sacrificing room or affordability. “Boxscapes” are light, easily movable, and convenient ways to add vegetation to your urban dwelling.

Each boxscape is expertly crafted to fit a variety of shapes and sizes of balconies. Plants are specially curated based on balcony orientation, local climate, hardiness and wind resistance.

PO Box 14, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006

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