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Online Freight Hunter

CargoHound is the “Uber” of international freight. Request quotes for FREE for your import & export shipments (big or small) from Australia’s best freight forwarders and carriers.

CargoHound is the first true online marketplace for international freight. Being from the industry we have developed a user friendly website to connect exporters and importers with the best freight forwarders and carriers – reducing the time, cost and risk of shipping products internationally! The Hound allows you to compare quotes from multiple “rated” service providers, and quickly identify the freight service that best suits your requirements and budget.

Why Use CargoHound?

  • FREE membership for exporters and importers
  • Cuts the time and effort required to source freight rates from multiple service providers
  • Quickly compare freight costs in a competitive marketplace Reliable service providers
  • Greater transparency on pricing
  • Allows users to identify a reliable service provider that fits their requirements and budget

CargoHound has freight experts with 120+ years experience on hand to answer any questions you have on import & export, or provide advice on your freight requirements. Simply call 1300 883 243 or email [email protected]

“To me, customer service is fundamental in any business – and the experience I have received from both CargoHound, and the freight forwarder they introduced me to, has been second to none.“It was certainly not what I was anticipating from an online service –  and when combined with freight cost savings of more than 40% compared to previous suppliers - I have just been absolutely bowled over.“It is the easiest, quickest process I have been involved with in freight since I started this business.” Min Phillips, Manicure Magic

"CargoHound makes the job of an importer/exporter easy. No more having to run around and chase up requests they come to you. The site is easy to use and I would recommend this to any and all personnel that import or export." Deborah Polkinghorne, National Plastics & Rubber

The site is easy to navigate and very user friendly. Overall a great user experience and outcome.Having been involved in importing for several years I can see the potential of Cargohound to my business and I’m very much looking forward to using it as a supplier toolbox for the future. Caroline Davis, Dandi Designs

Level 3, Suite 3, Grafton Bond Building, 201 Kent St, Sydney, NSW, 2000


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