Behind the Business: Chris Koch

Professional, qualified freelance graphic / web designer with clients all around the world. I’ve worked with brands such as Toyota, Quiksilver, ADV.1 Wheels, Victory Blinds, & Crossfire Motorcycles.

I professionally design under the name ‘CKGD’ (Chris Koch Graphic Design) and specialise in multiple areas of design. These predominantly include print, logo, web and application design. I also create digital art – not only for clients, but for exhibitions and art groups around the world. I’m really passionate about what I do.

After completing my two year Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design at a TAFE college, I made the decision to freelance full time. I started my own business, CKGD, which I launched in 2009.

Striving to create designs for my clients which are beneficial to them, their target audience is perhaps the most important peice of the graphic design puzzle. Creating something that’s visually appealing to the customer, creates a better brand for the company. The majority of my clients are small businesses, so I fill a gap in their company which they may go without otherwise.

I love working with small businesses and individuals. They’re passionate about their product, work extremely hard and are dedicated. They believe in their product, just like I believe in mine.

I’ve gained valuable experience at companies such as AFL Publishing / Slattery Media, DNA Communications and Rodeo Agency along the journey.

Every day is different being a freelancer, which is what I love – a dynamic, ever-evolving customer base.

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