Clever Fox

Level 10, 50 Market Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Behind the Business: Kathleen Alexander

Start and grow a business you love!

We help corporate escapees, budding entrepreneurs and solopreneurs start and grow their own business.

For most self-driven professionals, starting a solo
business or making a mid-career change isn’t easy. Taking the plunge in the hopes that it will fall into place doesn’t quite cut it.

If you’re like most of our clients, work is much more than a job. 
You have a strong desire to do something that’s meaningful, enjoyable
and rewarding. Yet, you’re not entirely sure how to get started and set it up for success.

Kathleen Alexander of Clever Fox knows first hand what it’s like to make a career change and start a viable business. With a
background in marketing internationally and coaching, she’s guided hundreds of
self-driven individuals:

  • Start and grow businesses they love in an enjoyable and sustainable way
  • Change how they work so they enjoy their careers more
  • Define what they want, understand their motivations and implement change to create new career paths


“I always knew that personal coaching was a powerful tool but I did
not realise how much it would improve the way I look at things. Kathleen
helped me understand my core motives and driving forces. Looking at
these has enabled me to understand my own needs more clearly. Kathleen
makes me think. I find myself excited before a meeting and intensely
motivated after one. It has been a great and invaluable journey.”  Steve Smith

“I wasn’t sure really what to expect but what I got was nothing
short of immense inspiration and motivation.  Kathleen’s style is both
nurturing and pragmatic in just the right combination and with her
guidance I’ve identified some directions that I am now following. I
really looked forward to the coaching sessions…she’s a fun person and is
passionately interested in helping her clients find what they are
looking for.”  E. Casey

“I had reservations about the NLP component not knowing whether it
would be too airy fairy but I found every meeting to be fast paced,
outcome driven and grounded in reality.  I’ve learnt things about myself
that I had never realised before – this has made me more aware of my
actions and how to shape things to work in my favour.  Turns out
Kathleen’s coaching has benefited me both personally and professionally.
I am now happy with the person I am – and much more satisfied with
life.  This has happened in a very short space of time! The best value
for money I have spent this year!” Abi Needham

Level 10, 50 Market Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

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