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Behind the Business: David S

CUFFZ offers a wide selection of licensed cufflinks and accessories for the well dressed.

We know cufflinks may be available at every other online store. But the difference between CUFFZ and our competitors is made known through our product’s quality, variety and licensed branding.

CUFFZ was founded in late 2014 by David Su. Growing up as a young entrepreneur in Sydney Australia, David swiftly learnt that first impression was a critical aspect in the success of any business deal. This meant dressing to make an impression and could mean the smallest detail may perhaps facilitate the negotiation.

As a prominent cufflink wearer, David was frustrated with the lack of variety, styles and quality amongst the Australian Market. After a year of research and negotiation, we are proud to have partnered up with the largest cufflink manufacturer in Texas USA to bring aboard a fresh and new vibrant style to the Australian corporate environment.

The branding (Star WarsMarvelDC ComicsNBAMLBNFL ) we stock are renowned around the world and are perfect ice breaker during your first client meeting. We are happy to say we provide the coolest, the sexiest, the most trendy and colorful cufflinks beyond the dynamics of a fashion trend. We want new trends to be created, records to be broken and you to amaze an audience out there. Our cufflinks are not just for sober and serious people; if you want to experiment a little you should shop from us!

To find out more about the person behind the business, take a look at my Flying Solo Spotlight profile.




PO BOX 114, Rockdale, NSW, 2216

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