Divine Branding

172 Conservation Rd, Mudgee, New South Wales, 2850

Behind the Business: Leonie Cridland

Big Brands for Small Business

BRAND COACHING: Discovering & building your Big Brand for customer loyalty, sales growth, competitive & durability. Consultation, coaching & creative planning, workshops, vision & mission development.

At Divine Branding we believe two things:

(1) Your BRAND is the single most influential and powerful business building tool in your tool box (true!) and… 
(2) Business Branding is at its most powerful and effective in small to medium business.

Divine Branding – BIG BRANDS for Small Business is about building unforgettable, durable brands that build sales, increase competitiveness and generate customer loyalty.  Get up close and personal with one-on-one Brand Coaching or organise a seminar or workshop with a group.  Can’t wait to learn more? Call us on 1300 781 971 or visit our web site: www.divinebranding.com.au. Don’t forget to check out our FREE article Four Important Things You Should Know About Your Brand.

We're already picking up extra business share...

As a long established, family owned medium sized business, we decided to look at opportunities for growth in our expanding marketplace. While we were confident of our long record of personalized care, we believed it was time to look towards a sustainable future.

Divine Branding provided such a valuable service especially in their deep discovery of what all stakeholders, myself as the owner manager and all staff members needed to really expand in our work environment. This was not just about a logo or consistent message (although this helped). It was about learning to communicate and brainstorm to work together as a passionate and united team. By empowering myself and my staff, we are already picking up extra business share and we are happier.

Down the track I intend to work with Divine Branding to refine our business plan and to learn to delegate so that I can focus on doing what I do best – being a pharmacist. For a small investment, Spruce’s Pharmacy has already gained greatly from our involvement with Divine Branding and with continued follow-up we can only build from strength to strength.

David - Pharmacy Owner/Manager

If you want to develop a unique brand and get noticed by customers, you’ve come to the right place! Don’t wait, start to make your brand work for you, and build your business now, not tomorrow.

Angela - Consultant / Counsellor 

Divine Branding has been an important partner in developing my business from the very beginning; providing expert advice on branding development has helped me present a professional image to my current and future customers alike; working with Leonie and Jeff has helped my business enormously and will continue to do so into the future.

Colin - Karate Sensei

172 Conservation Rd, Mudgee, New South Wales, 2850

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