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Behind the Business: Evertrue

Numbers never lie. If you're not a numbers person, it's a skill you need to develop.

Workshops and Training Programs for “Not-A-Numbers-Person” business owners.

Trust the numbers in your business, and use them for making key business decisions, for problem solving, and everything in between.

We offer training programs and workshops – in person and online.

Improve your confidence and familiarity with the numbers in your business. 

After a few decades of business administration and bookkeeping experience (including 10+ years of running my own bookkeeping business), I found an increasing number of business owners who want to learn basic skills with numbers in modern day business, like spreadsheets and cash flow projections. There are also countless business owners who have the basics well in hand, but want a better understanding and control of the numbers in their business, like analysing financial reports and statistical information.

My mother (an old-school maths teacher) had always taught me that “Numbers Never Lie” and in my decades of business experience, I have never seen this theory proved wrong – not even once.

My mission is to teach business owners everywhere to trust the numbers, to learn to read and understand the numbers when key decisions need to be made, to solve problems, and everything in between.

You may be someone who “can’t get their head around maths” or who says that “I’m just not a numbers person”, but I can show you that it’s not as hard as you might think. Numbers are everywhere – not just in the business financial reports, but in the operations, the marketing, and all around you.

Being a business owner is a constant process of learning and growing. Increasing your knowledge and understanding of numbers will make you a better business owner. Having a great support team, giving great advice, is always good. However, the impact of the decisions you make will affect you more than anyone else, so it’s critical that you understand what the numbers are telling you.

I have worked closely with Bronwyn Lawson since 2005. In this time, Bronwyn has been responsible for the bookkeeping and administration of several mutual small business entities. Throughout this time Bronwyn has demonstrated continuously that her skills and knowledge are of the highest level. I would always recommend Bronwyn to prospective clients looking for the services Bronwyn offers.Peter Felton FCPAFelton Accounting and Taxation

Bronwyn Lawson has been a part of our business since 2011. I am grateful to Bronwyn for her experience and her willingness to make herself available to help. In hindsight I wish we'd consulted with Bronwyn to assist with creating a set of accounts tailored to reflect our business from the beginning. Her understanding and interpretation of MYOB is second to none. Her knowledge of financial business processes is insightful. I can highly recommend Bronwyn to assist with setting up, training and helping to maintain all of your bookkeeping and financial processes. Bronwyn is great at taking the stress out of the day to day management of a business's financial record keeping in order to help you move forward and grow financially.Heather M

Bronwyn Lawson has been a part of my business since 2004, and in that time she has helped me with everything in regards to bookkeeping, administration and support. I am grateful to Bronwyn for all the hard consistent work she has done and her wonderful honesty. I am especially grateful that during the lean times, personal and business, she has stuck by us through it all with often sage advice. I can recommend Bronwyn for anyone who needs someone to depend on to get things done professionally and efficiently.Ry S.

6 Fitzpatrick Street, Waroona, WA, 6215

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