Fridge Design Studio

14 Ebeling Court, Nicholls, 2913 Brand strategy, Branding, Graphic

Behind the Business: Kurt Fountain

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We are a Canberra based design company specialising in creating band identities and brand experiences for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s).

Fridge Design studio started from humble beginnings, providing after hours graphic design solutions to a range of clients until the wee hours of the morning. As demand [and the family] grew, it was time to let the fridge start humming during normal business hours.

In 2008 we became a company. Over the years we have developed a true passion for working with small to medium enterprises [SME’s], building and managing their brand identities. Today, we are embracing the trends that see brand communication experiences traverse the print, digital, and environmental mediums in harmony.

14 Ebeling Court, Nicholls, 2913

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