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21 Mary Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000 Accounting & bookkeeping, Design, E-learning, Social media

Behind the Business: Debbie Kropp

your business solutions are with Our Business Services

GDI Small Business Hub – a place for all your business needs and services.

GDI Small Business Hub services offer business owners a range of services, with our knowledge and experience – we know what we do‚ will allow your businesses to grow, have success and peace of mind.

GDI Small Business Hub Services


Our experienced and qualified team at GDI Small Business Hub have successfully worked with our clients – business-owners in:

  • Mentoring and Coaching – working to reducing costs for the future in building strong business, workplace operational procedures. Be one-step ahead of your competitors – know and measure your business by benchmarking what others are doing within your industry.
  • Bookkeeping – saving you money and giving you peace of mind, for all your business\’s bookkeeping needs, making BAS, PAYG and EOFY tax time easy. A smarter way to manage your bills and expenses, meeting all your obligations with employee payroll and superannuation, time billing, job costing and tracking, bank and credit card reconciliation, BAS, PAYG preparation and reporting.
  • Social Media Marketing – let your business be social – promote your brand, increase customer awareness and loyalty through social media – reducing marketing and advertising costs and increasing revenue.
  • Website Design – be online with your great website – increase sales, grow customer awareness and loyalty with uniquely designed business websites. Promoting a point of difference, expand with new customers with online shopping website.
  • eLearning  – improve your employee training and development with uniquely designed online courses/modules for the needs of your business – retain your staff know they are doing the job right the first time – saving your business money in constant retraining.

For a sustainable growing successful business contact us now for the right solution for you – we have a package that can be designed for you, that is right for your business!


Brisbane | Ipswich No matter where your business is, you do not have to come to our office – saving you time and money!

Dealing with Genesis Direction Intl was straightforward. Debbie set up the processes we needed and answered our many questions. She backs up what she says with fact and knows a lot about legislation! Highly recommended. RJ Hardy StarnettMedia

Springhill Car Care, Riverhills Service Centre and Matilda Springhill Have had business dealing with Debbie Kropp since September 2010 and can only highly recommend Debbie to anyone's business in need for any advisory in all aspects in operating a business. Debbie operates methodical, is straight to the point in all her work, and shows the required experience from business setup and lead a failing or poor performing business into a positive business. Ludwig Sommer (Director and Owner)

FunkGlam Genesis Direction International has helped our business get onto the right track, showing us how to implement best practices with simple understand of workplace and business issues. Making the transition from an idea into a successful small business. Having all the forms and documents for workplace polices we needed in a template format. giving us our own workplace policies in no time at all. Kylie (Partner and Owner)

21 Mary Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

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