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Behind the Business: kathaigh

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GrowthSprout founder Kat Haigh has worked in marketing her whole career, and has trained the marketing teams of the likes of Saniarium and Unilever as well as helping Government departments, large muti-nationals like Lindt Chocolate and Cathay Pacific and thousands of small businesses build and execute marketing strategies and tactics. She is renown for her expertise and going the extra mile for her clients, as well as her results, driving conversion rates of 47%, tripling the performance of marketing funnels, and helping take clients from managing two jobs while they try to step away from corporate work to working in their (successful, growing) business full-time.

GrowthSprout helped us triple our sales in 12 months...

...Kat is a marketing genius, when ever I have any questions she was there and would always go the extra mile. Kat's the real deal and her consultation is priceless.

...I think anybody running a small business should be on GrowthSprout.

$80,000 revenue to $200,000 in 12 months... 20 bookings to 65 bookings...

I had a 9-5 job 12 months ago and now I don't.

Tim Engelbrecht, Photographer & Successful Business Owner

Kat was key in laying the foundational elements for digital strategy for our mid-business and enterprise segments and set clear direction of what elements needed to be addressed. She has intimate knowledge of the digital media and has developed methodology and frameworks to help people embrace and adopt digital media to drive business growth. She is a pleasure to work with and very approachable, putting everyone at ease by simplifying concepts and the workings of the digital media. Andrew Guesdon, Telstra

Kathryn is a digital professional with a broad range of skills across the digital landscape. What has impressed me most about Kathryn is her ability to think outside the square and go the extra step. Kathryn not only provides a level of customer service, usually not experienced by the client, but her skills also provides the "wow factor" that is missing in today's service model. Richard Fishley, Sensis

Beach St, Curl Curl, NSW, 2096

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