I Hate My PC

454 New Rd, Franklin, Tasmania, 7113

Behind the Business: David Moore

Mobile computer help

We provide home and business computer help.

What makes I Hate My PC different is that we are real people and we listen to your needs.

?I Hate My PC was started in 2006 by David Moore with the aim of making your everyday computer and technology experiences more pleasant.

Our vision

To be Australia’s best computer help company.

To have smiling customers with their computers doing what they want.

To deliver the highest levels of service and caring from all team members.

To facilitate the dreams of our team and our customers.

To help the community and the world through recycling and appropriate use of technology.

To work with clients who are joyous, have a sense of humour, are positive and value what we do for them.

To find out more about the person behind the business, take a look at my Flying Solo Spotlight profile.

Oh....l certainly hate my PC sometimes...it's not booting up and it's 7am in the morning and l have a mountain of work to get through...who can l call...David from "I Hate My PC".

I leave a message and within 5 minutes he's returning my call and more than happy to help.

We resolve the problem, with some further information about how the problem happened and what l should do or not do in the future to ensure this doesn't happen again and l can breathe a sigh of relief !!!

I really think he should wear a cape!!! David certainly goes over and above to fix our problems, he's like my personal on call PC tech guy, we love him and happily recommend him to friends and family for their computer problems.

Belinda J. Bowey, Belinda Jane Video Productions, Victoria.

We'd been living with an unwieldy and consuming backup procedure for years and been waiting patiently for months for help to set up some backup equipment we'd bought previously, then we called in David.

Within weeks our new central storage was working, our old time consuming backup process was gone and the problems with off site backups fixed.

Our legal obligations to keep patient records secure are met, issues are identified and dealt with promptly, and we now feel comfortable that we can respond and restore quickly in the event of a computer disaster.

We've also clawed back an hour of each day that used to be wasted by our previous backup regime.

Jane Cameron-Carr
Huon Valley Dental Care?.

My business handles a lot of important client data on a day to day basis and backing it all up was causing me some worrying issues.

David had already been keeping an eye on my system so I took the opportunity to upgrade to the remotely managed backup product.

Since then my backup worries and dramas have been eliminated and I can get on with the things I need to do without any fear of backup issues.

I highly recommend ALL the services that David and his team provide my business.  They are a long serving, trusted, and important partner of my business.

Paul Bailey – Principal
Northern Beaches Accountants.

454 New Rd, Franklin, Tasmania, 7113

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