Institute for Applied Positive Psychology

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Behind the Business: Kate Lemerle

Bringing Positive Psychology to Life

We provide training and support for all professionals as passionate as we are about putting Positive Psychology into practice.

The Institute for Applied Positive Psychology, was launched in 2014 to provide professionals from many different backgrounds with practical training and ongoing support in the “how to” of Positive Psychology.

We believe being a “people professional” needs more than just knowledge about the brain and the mind …it’s about the craft of facilitating other people’s discovery of their best selves and creating supportive environments that make flourishing easy.

Our mission is to complement academic and theory-based learning with real-world coaching for putting Positive Psychology into practice in health settings, schools and other education facilities, organisations, and communities.

We deliver Master Classes that integrate the latest research evidence and theories with mastery-based learning in small groups so participants not only broaden and deepen their knowledge of the growing field of Positive Psychology, but most importantly take away real-life skills for working in a way that truly complements traditional counselling and coaching models.

We are currently launching all our Master Classes as online courses so wherever you are, you can take advantage of a suite of Positive Psychology programs designed to make it easy to put the theory into practice. In addition, all our programs are backed up by value-added personal coaching (in person, by VSee or phone) so participants truly build their skills and confidence in working this way.

We can deliver a range of intensive training programs in face-to-face format for professionals anywhere around Australia who want to invest in focused learning experiences, each training event tailored to your team’s needs. Participants in these programs come away with a broader and deeper understanding of the principles underpinning Positive Psychology as well as a set of practical skills to put them on track for “doing” Positive Psychology in their workplace.

In addition to extending your learning, we are passionately committed to supporting “positive professionals” from many different work contexts through our supervision, mentoring, coaching which is available online, and to further support you and your people, we invite you to join our exclusive retreats for Burnout Prevention & Recovery. Run from Norfolk Island, this unique experience is designed just for professionals who give so much of themselves and don’t take time out to refuel – our retreats ensure that your enthusiasm for your work is refreshed so you can get on with making your dreams a reality.

5 Banjo Place, Springfield, QLD, 4300

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