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Behind the Business: Helen Goodman

Management Accountant - Business Coach - Xero Add On Expert

Invisible Business Solutions are unique. We offer Management Accounting, Xero Add-On Eco-System Implementation and Training and Small Business Coaching.

In a nutshell, Helen Goodman is #notyourordinaryaccountant.

A humble and community involved Management Accountant, Business Analyst and Small Business Coach who is unarguably a curious find. However, this is just one of the many delights you will encounter through the Invisible Business Solutions experience.

For over 20 years Helen worked in the corporate sector, for companies such as the Mobile Communications industry leader ‘Vodafone’ and for the healthcare leaders ‘Abbott Laboratories’ until moving to Australia in 2001, where she continued her Business Analyst role at Alere (formerly Panbio).

As for many business professionals, working within the corporate sector is extremely demanding, especially those with a young family. Therefore, as a wife and mother of 2 boys, Helen took the personal decision to leave this life behind and created Invisible Business Solutions to turn the dream of a work life balance into a reality… but more than that, she took action and created the life she wanted.

Helen now sets herself apart from the rest of the pack and since its inception in 2012, Helen has driven Invisible Business Solutions in new directions and developed a business model that has allowed her to change her life, focus on where she adds true value and is now helping others to change theirs through communication, a ‘will do’ attitude, plus the experience and knowledge that produces amazing ROI results every time!

Our services:

Management Accounting

If you have a project in your business, whether it’s pricing your products for profit, to work out commission rates for sales reps, budgeting, costing, sales analysis, system and process improvement we will meet with you to create a needs analysis and provide a detailed quotation of the time, cost and return on investment.

Xero Add-On Eco-System

We are proud to be an approved Xero Add-On Integrator. Xero not only makes book-keeping beautifully simple, they have also created an environment for Add-Ons to help you run your business efficiently and with clarity to achieve a streamlined business. Whether you are looking for a cost effective CRM, job management tool, appointment booking system or any other solution to manage your business, we provide the expertise to ensure you select the right add-on and guide you through the setup to ensure the system supports the way you work.

Small Business Coaching

Our coaching provides Small Business Owners with Accountability and One to One Business Development Programs that give you access to the skills, knowledge and experience to achieve success faster. I challenge my clients not to compete with others, but to compete with themselves, to be the best they can whilst creating a bespoke business with a point of difference, to lead the life they want. Invisible Business Solutions are also a consultant in the Queensland Home Based Business Grant.

As a start-up business, and 2 directors new to running a business we searched for guidance to ensure we established good business practices from day one. From the first hour session we had with Helen, we were filled with the confidence that Helen would help us take our business from start-up stages into a stable thriving business. Each fortnight, we would gain clarity on our goals, establish tasks, be held accountable, develop processes in all facets of the business from operational to accounting and review the financials to ensure growth was being achieved. A year on, our business has tripled in size! We have Helen to thank for our successes, her coaching definitely provided solid foundations for a healthy start up.” Rebecca Young Christine Uljee Personalised Freight Solutions

Hi Helen, I really want to express how grateful I am that you created an excel spreadsheet to work out the sales commissions I pay our sales agents. The time that it saves me every fortnight is just amazing !!  I just insert the figures at the beginning and it calculates everything for me at the press of a button! The savings in my time (and stress) far out way the cost of having you here to set it up.  Thank you, thank you! Jill Buckingham - Sweet Themes

Hi Helen, It\'s all systems go! I started putting furniture in the shop today! Once I looked at the numbers you\'d prepared in terms of how much of each thing will I need to sell to break even it became very doable. Having your sanity check really helped :) Thanks Rosanna Quick - Sparrow & Bloom

Coomera, QLD, 4209

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