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Behind the Business: Bruce Poling

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We are a small consulting group dedicated to solving operational inefficiencies that exist in most companies. Our goal is to assist companies implement one centralized  system (ERP)  that every employee works from and to.  This centralized database is where all data is stored and individuals withing the company work collaboratively to and from this database.

All information is available (with securities in place) only to those who need it.

Our ERP suite is perfectly designed to suit SME’s and will work effectivly in any industry. All software modules are included .. Accounting, Inventory Management, CRM, MRP, capacity planning and scheduling, Sales and purchasing, Appointmant planning, Payrole etc.  All in ONE suite with no need to continue to support other applications such as extenal spread sheets, or seperate accounting packages.

I had the opportunity to work with Bruce for about 2 years at JWC Consulting. I have to say that it has been a pleasure to work with someone who's on top as being a great co-worker, is dedicated to the customer and always wanting to go beyond his own duties to make sure the company he was consulting for would be as efficient as possible.  Jonathan Blackburn


Enrico Tersigni of Oganized Interiors says:  Bruce Poling is an exraordinary person.  I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence and work ethic. Bruce has outstanding organisational skills and provided great leadership and teaching skills during his contract to O.I. taking us to the next level in our business. He is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results and I would highly recommend him to your company with absolute confidence and would not hesitate in hiring him again.


11 Fernwood Ave, Ringwood East, Victoria, 3135

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