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Behind the Business: Sarah-Joy Pierce

Words to make you smile.

I work with small business owners and start-ups to help them pull off clever, cost-effective marketing.

Small Business Owners and Start-Ups:

Get your marketing back on track.

From proofreading and copy review to document creation and business writing, I take care of those writing jobs that you as a business owner don’t want to do, making your life easier and letting you focus on what you do best. I also help you take the long view and work out your marketing plan and strategy, as well as explain why you might not be getting where you want to go.

Graphic Designers & Creative Agencies:

Offload those ‘words’ jobs that take you away from your core business.

Having worked in creative agencies, I understand the way you work. I also understand that if you’re not designing, you’re not making money – so let’s work together. I’ll take care of copywriting, you take care of designing, and we’ll get the job done in record time to keep your clients coming back.

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