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Behind the Business: Mike Reid

The 5-step sequence to Becoming one of the most highly valued, highly paid people in your industry

We bring together some of Australia’s top entrepreneurs and industry leaders to mentor our clients through a proven process of turning skills, talent and expertise into a thriving business they love

Key Person of Influence is a training organisation that runs a 30-week incubator for service-based small business owners.

What sets it apart from most other training companies is that its training is delivered and supported by some of the Australias most respected entrepreneurs and industry experts. KPI identified five core problems that typically show up for small business owners:

1. They can’t clearly explain what they do. They’re unclear.

2. They sound unconvincing on how they deliver value … even if they can.

3. They are often stretched to capacity or they are totally under utilised with capacity to burn.

4. They are virtually invisible in the marketplace.

5. They are typically working in isolation.

Over 30-weeks, KPI project manages clients across 5 key areas. These are the soft skills of any successful entrepreneur. Clients learn how to:

1. Pitch their products and services clearly

2. They become thought leaders in their industry or niche through published articles, blogs and books

3. They create free and low cost offerings to support their core offering that builds rapport and pre sold customers

4. They create a profile in the marketplace

5. They attract opportunities through JVs and partnerships that leverage their income and brand.

At the core of the KPI philosophy is a belief that there has never been a better time in history for a small business owner to do what they love AND be highly rewarded for it. The company is known for the consistent results that its clients achieve and the way they leave them feeling buzzed, excited and in love with their business.

I really enjoyed the day - excellent speakers, incredible content, much food for thought! Thanks KPI x

What an awesome day! The presenters were full of energy but still down to earth and approachable. It was also great to meet so many like-minded people, and to have the chance to chat to the presenters at the end of the day. Thanks heaps!

Fantastic Day, Amazing speakers! A feeling of good will, with a group of talented people. Extremely impressed!

Level 10, 50 Market Street, Melbourne, 3000

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