Behind the Business: RichLucas

Personalised electric guitars for enthusiasts

Richard Lucas crafts one-off electric guitars that look gorgeous, feel amazing and sound sublime. Start a conversation about your dream guitar today!

Hi, my name is Richard Lucas and I’m a custom electric guitar maker.

I’m known for creating guitars with necks that feel second-nature in the hand and bodies that project a powerful tone that really speaks to you.

My personalised building process allows my customers to experience playing guitar in a more fulfilling way than ever before.

I understand first-hand just how challenging it can be to find your ultimate electric guitar. The market is stacked with beautiful guitars, but it’s a rare occurrence to find one that ticks all the boxes for every individual. I offer a personalised service that delivers guitars that play great, sound great and fit their owners like a glove.

There’s never been a better time to have and to hold your very own personalised electric guitar. Stop deliberating and start creating the guitar of your dreams today.

"A passionate master craftsman..."

"The design and build quality are first class..."

"...professional service with superb attention to detail..."

Box Hill South, VIC, 3128

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