My Other Kitchen

9 Nicholson Street, Bentleigh, VIC, 3204 Business coaching, Support services, Wholesale & manufacturing

Behind the Business: Jane DelRosso

The Business of Food

A kitchen incubator, located in Melbourne, providing help and support for new and growing food businesses to reach for their success.

My Other Kitchen is a relatively new concept in the Australian marketplace – a versatile and purpose-built commercial kitchen facility that provides advice and guidance to those starting their own adventure in the food industry. Working on and off in the hospitality industry as a cook for ten years, Jane has a solid grounding in café management, kitchen practices and customer service complementing her existing business skills developed in a corporate career spanning almost 20 years. Potential clients could be starting their own business in any number of food-related areas, including cooking classes, catering and functions, food production and testing, and/or food photography.

The kitchen, however, is not where it starts or ends for us. We are excited by the prospect of providing an environment from which a food business can be incubated or expand quickly without having to invest in expensive kitchen infrastructure first. Yes, we provide individuals with easy and convenient access to commercial-grade kitchen space, but the main focus is to serve as an access point for small business education and support. The likes of Marketing experts and Distributors for your products, as well as Food Technology and Labeling Services are just another extension of our own consulting services. In short, we create a network of infectious enthusiasm around all things food, where new businesses can benefit from the interaction with more experienced operators and access relevant help and guidance in the initial stages of a food business.

9 Nicholson Street, Bentleigh, VIC, 3204

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