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Behind the Business: ProjectBox

Grow your business! Systemise - Document - Automate

ProjectBox helps businesses to systemise, document and automate their businesses (not necessarily in that order!).

Systemising your business is one of the most powerful things you can do to provide consistency to your customers, add value to your business, and ultimately to grow!

So many businesses go about their day to day lives without even thinking about how they do things. Here at ProjectBox, we believe that the only way to succeed as a business is to have documented and accountable systems in place. We also know that this is a lot harder than it sounds, which is where ProjectBox comes in!

We work with businesses at all stages of their lifecycle. We listen to you and take the time to understand your business, proposing solutions only when we truly understand you and your business. We work with you to design and implement systems so that you can stop wasting time fixing problems and instead focus on growing your business. Let us help put your business at the forefront of systems, automation and efficiency!

A structured and systemised business offers many advantages :

  • A better foundation for success
  • Increasing efficiency through automation
  • Increase business value
  • Provide consistency to your customers
  • Create training material for  improved customer service and employee education
  • Update systems and services to take advantage of the latest app’s and technologies
  • Empower your employees with clear goals and direction

Samantha Peters
General Manager
Fitted Out

Pip came into our company when we had absolutely no systems and processes in place. She worked with our team to establish both project management software and accounting software and vastly improved on our general operations by implementing administration processes, systems, and documentation. She is a jack of all trades and we wouldn’t be functioning without her. Pip’s capabilities, analytical skills, work ethic and thorough understanding of business practice makes her a valuable addition to any company.

Graham Meecham
Managing Director
Murray Charteris Flooring Specialists Ltd

I have recently invested in a much more modern and user friendly website. The website is great but now requires much more maintenance and time to make sure it’s current and useful for our customers. Through my contacts I found Pip. She not only ensures everything is up to date, she also is skilled and confident enough to recommend some changes which have made a real difference. I now spend more time with my customers and more time thinking about my business. A win/win for all. Pip has also helped me with numerous one-off projects. All accepted on short notice and all delivered in a timely and professional manner. A real life saver for my business. Thanks Pip.

Priscilla B Smith
Partner & Principal Senior Accountant
Cloud Nine Associates

We are working with Philippa on various projects for one year now and she never stopped to impress me. Her drive, initiative, and professionalism lead her to solve all our admin tasks in a very effective way, finding solutions even when they were non-existent. She acquired knowledge working with our systems in a very short time, impressing me again. Her versatility does not restrict her work to simple tasks, she can perform complex tasks with various software and in a timely manner. Always reliable, dedicated and punctual makes her part of our A-Team. Thank you for a work well done! Irreplaceable!

P O Box 478, Upper Coomera, QLD, 4209

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