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WE COME TO YOU, Adelaide, SA, 5000 Business consulting

Behind the Business: Dave Harrison

Helping SMEs gain a competitive edge

Consultancy and auditing in ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001. WHS advice and compliance audits. Locum QA service.

Having a formalised business management system can help any organisation achieve greater profit through:

  • increased customer satisfaction;
  • processes that are understood across the organisation;
  • reduced defects, returns, rejects;
  • staff awareness and consultation;
  • and other advantages

Plus, if you are certified to ISO 9001 you could gain an advantage over your competitors, and gain national and international recognition.  Over 1,000,000 organisations in over 170 countries can’t all be wrong.

At Quercus Cor we can help you achieve the streamlined processes that will help you.  We specialise in micro-sized businesses, particularly small, family businesses.  Being a small business, our overheads are minimal, so our rates are small-business friendly — and we do it all with a smile.

To find out more about the person behind the business, take a look at my Flying Solo Spotlight profile.

WE COME TO YOU, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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