McKinnon, Victoria, 3204

Behind the Business: Nenad Maric

Are you ready2learn about your business?

Ready2Learn is an IT consultancy offering faster, cheaper, easier and better reporting and data analytics using Tableau software. Ready2Learn will help you see and understand your data!

Ready2Learn is an authorised partner of Tableau Software – world’s fastest growing BI software vendor.

Tableau provides fast, easy to use, highly visual, interactive analysis of any data. It enables a business user to easily connect to a variety of data sources and and then rapidly transform data into smart business analytics by creating interactive reports and dashboards. Furthermore, these reports and dashboards allow business users to quickly visualise and analyse the data and look for trends and projections, control budget and expenditure, identify issues etc… The Tableau is also very economical and productive, you will see return on investment within days/weeks.

Tableau is as easy to use as Excel, but much more powerful: a few clicks in Tableau = hours of work in Excel.

Contact Ready2Learn if you would like more information and a free, no-obligation demonstration of Tableau software.

McKinnon, Victoria, 3204

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