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Sharing Spare Office Space by the Month

Share your spare office space with likeminded businesses and professionals by the month.
We’ve Desk and Office Space for 1 to 20 people available in great locations!

If you have spare space:

  1. It’s completely FREE for you to share your office space.
  2. We’ll put the right Guest in touch with you directly.
  3. It’s obligation and hassle free.
  4. No invoices to chase – we manage the payments for you.
  5. And you’ll be covered by our $20m public liability insurance.

If you need space:

  1. We’ve over 3,000 spaces throughout Australia
  2. We’ll help you find the perfect space for you and your business
  3. Flexible month to month rentals with no long term lock in

Go ahead – you’ve nothing to lose!

Sarah, a Consultant in Sydney, said:

"My work is varied and I'm often meeting clients. Sharing space affords me a great office with lovely people where I can bring clients and without the overheads!"


Glenn, a Developer in Melbourne, said:

"A really interesting concept. I needed affordable office space for a month and found a great spot near by, it was all so easy it just worked perfectly!"

Henry, an Architect in Melbourne, said:

"I heard from a like minded professional and could chat to our Guest before accepting his booking. It was all very easy and now we're earning!"

39 East Esplanade, Manly, NSW, 2095

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