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Behind the Business: Scarlett Rugers

High quality book design for self-published authors

I am a Publishing Identity Consultant and Book Designer, I design eBook and paperbacks with experience in the traditional and self-publishing fields.

I design eBook and paperback/hardback covers. I’ve worked with traditional publishing houses and self-published authors, and I look to give all the authors I work with a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. I want them to feel traditionally published by the time we’re finished with their cover design.

I also am a Professional Publishing Identity consultant. This means I help you set your goals, clarify your career and build with you a solid launch pad. This is vital for you to go, from publication to publication, with a clear vision in mind of where you plan to be and how to get there.

Self-publishing doesn’t have to be scary! I make the process fun, and I understand how exciting it can be.

Scarlett has a professional site, and it was clear from your covers that she had good vision and were not a novice. There was a wide range of covers, which showed us that she listened to feedback from her clients and worked with them. I though especially her questionnaire was great, and it really made sure she and I were on the same page. There are covers out there that look like ‘home-made’ covers. Then there are professional ones. Scarlett’s clearly stand out as professional and unique, closely tied to the book’s subject matter.

-Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, authors of The Emotion Thesaurus

I had two previous covers made for this book. The artist created just what I had asked for, but I was searching to take my books to the next level—and you achieved that beyond my expectations! I am of the opinion that my cover increased my sales tremendously. I have recently had some success with a free promotion and I feel confident that the new covers played a very big part in that! It looks very professional! The opinion I keep getting from friends and readers is that they can imagine these covers in a bookstore. You are very professional, quick to communicate, upfront, and willing to tweak and make changes. Most importantly, you are very talented and you create gorgeous covers.

- Rachel Schurig, author of Three Girls and a BabyThree Girls and a WeddingThree Girls and a Leading Man

I looked at your portfolio, which looked great and showed your skill. I was especially interested once I found out that you’re also an author. I love my book cover!!! It really ties in with the book, fits with my vision of the cover, and is visually striking. And it looks very professional. I especially love the unique cross design that you added. You read my mind! The process was very fast and easy, and I like that you read the book and “got” it. The overall execution blew my socks off—the cover looks like a million bucks! You also kept the costs down by sourcing free or low-cost pictures, which was a bonus. I’ll definitely be contacting you to do the rest of my books, as soon as they’re ready.

-Dana Delamar, author of Revenge

Hillside Street, Springvale, Victoria, 3171


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