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You won’t believe how well we can work with your business to help your bookkeeping and staffing management run smoothly!

As a small business owner it can look as though you’re a superhero, and sometimes you can even feel like you’re superhuman.  As small business owners, we must wear multiple hats, solve problems, grow our businesses, keep our customers happy and impressed, keep ahead of our competition, manage staff, pay the bills and more (phew!).  Although it does require a special kind of person to be a small business owner, it does not require you to be invincible, and we make a great mistake if we start thinking that we are.
Small business owners wear many different hats.  One day you’re a sales person, the next day a marketing guru and the one after that you’re wearing the finance hat.  On any given day you could be changing hats repeatedly, which is why you need good delegation skills.
How can you unburden yourself of unnecessary hats so that you can better meet your clients’ needs and grow the earnings and value of your business?
Small Business Superheroes are your external experts in bookkeeping and employment management.  We have the qualifications, experience and training in the areas of BAS calculation and lodgement, Invoice and debtor management, payroll setup and management, training and business development, payments and purchases processing, on-going processing of transactions and understanding financial reports to help grow your business.  You won’t believe how well we can work with your business to help your bookkeeping and staffing management run smoothly!

I needed a bookkeeper and we were blessed when we found Christina. Our meeting came through a strong recommendation from my accountant. She took the time to explain things to me that were new and guided me through the necessary tracking every business needs. Of course this made my accounting much smoother. She is a pleasure to work with!”  Annette McAlloon, Partner, Babinda Independent Bakery

“Small Business Superheroes has been a wonderful company to deal with. Christina is easy to deal with and have always helped out when I have requested a special report or a special meeting. It sure is a pleasure to deal with someone that you feel comfortable with”  Brian Lane, Director, Ausnorth Consultants

“I have only recently switched to Small Business Superheroes yet I can honestly state that Christina has reacted to my current bookkeeping issues with an honest, professional attitude. She delivered fast, reliable results beyond my expectations. I sincerely appreciate her assistance and advice and look forward to Christina serving our needs for years to come.”  Amanda Ryan, Partner, Unique Hair & Beaut

PO Box 437, BABINDA, QLD, 4861

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