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Behind the Business: louisehallinan

Helping you to improve your memory

The Smart Brain Health Centre specialises in helping working women and men aged 40 and over who are experiencing memory problems that are affecting their job, career and life.

In late 2014 I founded the Smart Brain Health Centre in order to help those experiencing memory problems and it is the only natural health centre in Sydney specialising in the prevention of memory problems and improving Brain Health.

I am the International Award-winning Author of the book “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain”, a fully qualified and accredited Nutritionist and Homeopathic Practitioner and have been working in the health industry for over 12 years. My mother Alice suffered with Alzheimer’s disease for many years and passed away in 2000. I have been researching memory problems and their causes over the past decade and all this information has been put together in my first book “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain”. 

“Smart Brain, Healthy Brain” has recently won the Silver Medal in the ‘Living Now’ Book Awards (USA) in the Health/Wellness category and has also been selected by as one of the “Best Books of the Month”.

The three main problems I see every day in working women and men aged 40 and over who are struggling with poor memory, foggy thinking, lack of focus and concentration are:-

  • That their memory problems may be affecting their work, business and career
  • That they may become unemployable,  lose their job and source of income
  • That their greatest fear is they may be getting Alzheimer’s disease.

To address these problems our comprehensive 5 Step Smart Brain Health PROGRAM  has been developed to identify the cause of your memory problem and to provide a Treatment Solution specifically for you.

“Smart Brain, Healthy Brain” is one of those little books you pick up to flick through, but end up totally engrossed in.   It is not so much a book about Alzheimer’s disease, but a handbook to guide you on caring for what is arguably your body’s most important organ – the brain.    It is a book that may just set you on the right path to a happy, healthy brain for the rest of your life.

The Senior Newspaper,  January & February editions 2015     Natalie Williams

Smart Brain, Healthy Brain”  is a rich store of evidence-based information on memory loss, its causes and its prevention, presented in clear and literate language and with a balance between simplicity and depth that should make it equally valuable to the general public and health professionals.

Australian Traditional Medicine Society Journal, Winter Edition 2014            Stephen Clarke

Suite 1A, Level 2, 802 Pacific Highway, Gordon, NSW, 2072

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