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PO Box 8308, South Perth, WA, 6151 Accounting & bookkeeping, Business consulting, Management consulting, Support services

Behind the Business: Story Sums

With 35 years of broad industry experience, we can be expected to manage the A-Z of Financial Accounting for any small to medium sized business.

Story Sums is the “new” old kid on the local business block.

Doing what we do best, translates into us paying our own way, that is, a reduction in accounting fees and a guarantee that you are not up for one more tax cent than you legitimately need to be. Timely reporting is necessary for making decisions that have an impact on tax planning.

Our goal is to contribute to the profitability of business by providing information and financial analysis, information crucial to timely decisions.  There should be no surprises at the end of the financial year. 

With 35 years of broad industry experience, using numerous accounting software platforms, we are able to pick up where someone else left off, or set everything up from scratch. Either way, this is done with a minimum of fuss and interruption to your day to day business operation.  We’ve been doing this since the days of leather bound ledgers. (missed the feather quills by a few months) 🙂

We have a passion for what we do and we have fun doing it.  The reward is being part of the journey to increased profitability and prosperity for all of our clients. We know the responsibility and sacrifice that comes with running a business.  We are walking that walk.

If your bookkeeping (or lack thereof) is proving to be a challenge, or perhaps your existing staff need a break, we are all ears!  You might even consider having a “bookkeeper on tap” backup.  

We are able to deliver a professional and affordable value based service for both permanent and casual assignments. There are advantages to outsourcing this part of your business administration, flexibility ranks highly, as one, during an uncertain economic climate.

Story Sums has a passion for teaming up with business and becoming an active ingredient in the overall business plan and charter.  We are here to support the journey of the business that affords us the privilege.

We welcome the opportunity to “talk the talk.”

"Story Sums have been doing my bookkeeping for over 4 years now. I have always found Story Sums to be professional in every aspect of our dealings, always providing exceptional service in a detailed and timely manner."  - Evan Thompson - ESTEC Security Systems

"Story Sums has been a loyal and trusted provider to Porter Commercial for many years. We pride ourselves on our professionalism in business and put our utmost confidence in Story Sums to look after our business' needs and reputation." - Bruce Porter

"For over 8 years, Story Sums have provided professional services and support to my personal, commercial and not-for-profit activities. Exemplified by timely, comprehensive and detailed service delivery, Story Sums adds Karina's personal touch to each assignment." - Kevin Crombie

PO Box 8308, South Perth, WA, 6151

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