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Behind the Business: Bruce Poling

To Inspire small business owners to know they deserve the success they are striving for

Helping small business owners believe they can achieve extraordinary things, then coaching them achieve this!


Does it feel like you are always doing the “Heavy Lifting” in your business?

Is your business starting to feel difficult and stressful?  Are your thoughts of creating this awesome business from your great idea to create your freeing lifestyle you want starting to fade?

Business is much like going to the gym.  If you work-out but don’t eat the right food, your muscles will not grow and the weight will always seem ” heavy”.  If you eat the right food your muscle will grow and get strong and that same weight will seem light and easy to lift.

In business, knowledge and experience is the food that will grow your business muscle!

The More You Know, The More You Can Do.

Our “Surviving to Thriving” monthly business workshops are fun and interactive and will give you the abilities and knowledge to grow your business into the thriving enterprise you have always wanted and give you the lifestyle you are striving for.

Workshops take you through 6 Core foundations all businesses need to be performing well to be able to grow and become sustainable.  Each month we work on a new Business Foundation and very quickly your business will stabilise with its newly formed foundation and from that point, your growth will take off!

Contact me now to sign up for our monthly workshops that are conducted in a safe environment where we are all business owners on a journey and understand we all have need to learn more to do more and negativity and judgment is checked at the door when you come in.

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  • Victorian focus, but willing to travel Australia and Internationally
  • Business Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Organisational Culture
  • Change Behavioural Change
  • Transformational Change
  • Strategic Business Plan Creation and Implementation
  • Exit Planning and Execution
  • Helping business owners and their people
  • Manufacturing Specialist
  • Lean Implementation
  • MAUS Business systems

Enrico Tersigni, General Manager - Organized Interiors .Bruce Poling is an extraordinary person. I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence and work ethic. Bruce has outstanding organizational skills and provided great leadership and teaching skills during his contract with Organized Interiors taking us to the next level in our business. He is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results and I would highly recommend Bruce to your company with absolute confidence and would not hesitate in hiring his consulting services again 2010

Amy Mytnik, Owner - Midlife Revolution Strategist He is the sensei of business sense. In my quest for deeper knowledge of business processes Bruce has been a crowning jewel. Always approachable and ever patient Bruce challenges you to consider a different angle or to unravel a puzzle to come to a greater understanding of the big picture, all while keeping focus on the task at hand. His passion for small business resonates even over internet chats and I am always able to take away a tidbit to digest until our next highly anticipated conversation. I highly recommend Bruce if you are seeking to sharpen your vision and reignite your passion for your business. 2014

Kylie Paterson, L&D Professional. Bruce a is very energetic and passionate Coach and has a very strong background in business training/advising/coaching in the manufacturing sector . Bruce is thoughtful & imaginative and through his industry experience is able to bring real world thinking to the table. 2015


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