Behind the Business: Keith Dugdale

Helping businesses grow through trusted client relationships.

At The Business of Trust we work primarily with B2B and professional services consultants and businesses to help them grow their sales by building trusted relationships. As well as coaching and consulting, we also offer our signature ENGAGE training program, which gives people the tools and techniques they need to feel confident in sales, to get meetings with senior decision makers, and to ‘sell’ in a way that is comfortable, adds value, and makes the other person actually want to buy. ENGAGE has been delivered to more than 10,000 people around the world, and has directly resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

In 2016, we are launching our first online training product for consultants and small businesses, The Meeting Magnet. Sign up to our newsletter on to receive details on it’s launch.

"In my first year with one consulting engineering firm I brought in $100,000. In my second year I brought in $150,000. I then attended the Engage program and in the next nine months I brought in $500,000."

- Rhys Davies, Senior Associate at ISG Projects

"I consider myself extremely lucky that my professional path crossed that of Keith nearly four years ago, and that I can count Keith as one of my mentors today. In the space of four years, Keith and his ENGAGE approach to business have given me the tools and the confidence to take my career in a different direction, at a much faster pace. Keith has shaken my frame of reference, and this has delivered so much for me, personally, and for my organisations. Keith has been (and continues to be), a very influential person in my career. I cannot recommend highly enough for anyone to try and get to know the man and his approach to business."

- Julien Lepetit, Client Relationship Director, PwC Zurich

"I have attended dozens of sales training courses and read almost every business book about sales and building relationships over my 20 year sales career. Out of all of them, I am only willing to recommend one. Keith Dugdale has literally written the book on building relationships as a deliberate sales strategy. He walks the talk and is a genuine expert in the field second to none. The great thing about Keith's philosophy is that it stands the tests of time and application in the real world. There is no hint of 'slick tricks' with Keith, just proven methodology and right mindsets that get results."

- Alan Blair, Building Businesses Fit for Humans


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