Behind the Business: Theplantshop

The Plant Shop Delivering Premium Plants Australia Wide

The Plant Shop is an online garden centre offering an expansive range, and choices from our specialised production nurseries.

The Plant shop opened its windows in 2011, in response to the lack of diversity and range available to plant lovers and gardeners in the face of the dwindling numbers of old fashioned bricks and mortar Garden centres. We wanted to offer a garden centre experience, beautiful product, and expansive range, online.

Our production nurseries grow the bespoke and the unusual, as well as tried and true, old fashioned garden treasures.

We have both small specialist growers and large expansive growing grounds, all our growers, pride themselves on their plants and their skills, and we in turn value them highly and their amazing product.

In a world overflowing with stuff, we love it, that our customers can send and receive beautiful plants, rich with hope and promise. New gardeners and those wanting to grow their own food, for the table and flowers for the vase, are blessed with choice and gratuitous advice at the plant shop.

We see our role not only to sell the best plants available, we also are a portal of knowledge and garden wisdom, and always happy to assist our customers.

We spent a couple of years just developing the business model, the packaging and dispatch systems. Our range of plants expands weekly and we are very excited to connect with a community that loves growing, gardening and plants and understanding the joy that brings, to self and the wider world.

To find out more about the person behind the business, take a look at my Flying Solo Spotlight profile.


My plants are already making spears!

First question – do I leave some spears to go ‘ferny’?
Second question – how often should I fertilise?


I have already eaten some – and they are so much nicer fresh!

Heather (wrapped-up)

Hi Susan,

Yes we have planted all 200 + of the plants on Saturday - everything looks fabulous and we are really happy with the quality of the plants.

Thanks for all your assistance, we will definitely be recommending you guys.



"Our rose arrived today, very pleased with condition and delivery system. We will trade with you again when the occasion arises".  Ron S

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