Traditional Timber Frames

PO Box 15, Buxton, NSW, 2571 Architects, Construction/development, Other tradespeople

Behind the Business: Chris Nance

Boundless Strength Beauty and Elegance

Traditionally handcrafted heavy timber frames for garden structures, houses and public buildings

Our craftspeople use traditional timber joinery practices to design and create a range of bespoke timber structures ranging from furniture to house frames and trusses.  Our work does not require nails or bolts but is secured with hand riven hardwood pegs.

We produce timber frames that are as naturally beautiful as the timbers within them. We use Australian grown timbers from the most sustainable sources, that are naturally durable, strong and often recycled or reclaimed. Time honoured techniques ensure our frames will be admired for generations to come.

'Chris is an exceptional craftsman and an exceptional person, and we feel so very fortunate to have had him build our house and to have got to know him. Without him, it would not have been possible for us to have our unique, beautiful, peaceful and functional home. Chris has been responsible for it's building from conception to finish, not just the timber frame which was a work of art in itself. The timber gives the house a feel of strength, peace, beauty - it gives it soul. In terms of both quality and value for money Chris's work is outstanding. We have been living in our house for nearly a year now and every morning wake up feeling so blessed to live here'. Kate.

"I would like to heartily thank Chris Nance and his team for the sterling job they did on my traditionally framed building. The old world spirit of the construction was a joy to see. It still astounds me that the building can display both a rustic and rugged aspect but at the same time reflects a fine and artistic quality."Leigh from Geelong

PO Box 15, Buxton, NSW, 2571

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