We ask the tough questions

What's the biggest thing you've learnt this year?

I am lucky to be able to scratch my own nose when it's itchy. Not everyone can.

What’s your proudest moment?

Being part of Project Walk Melbourne, a new non profit group, when we raised $50,000 at a gala ball in July 2011. The funds will be used to set up a spinal cord injury recovery centre in Melbourne, with the goal to get quadriplegics and paraplegics moving again. I've never been part of such an inspiring, gob-smacking project.

What’s your number one stress relief tactic (keep it clean!)?

Go for a walk, with some music pumping in your ears. If you can do that next to some water, like a lake or the ocean, it'll work twice as fast.

What’s the one resource you’d never be without? 

Dropbox. Not having a manual filing cabinet rocks!

What’s the most enjoyable element of your work? And the least enjoyable?

The most enjoyable part of my work is the interesting clients and projects I get to work on. I love breaking the boring mould of Chartered Accountant in people's heads. The least enjoyable part of my work is when I finish up on a project. I tend to get really attached to my work, and most of my clients become friends who I stay in contact with after the project ends though.

What’s the cheapest, most effective bit of marketing you’ve ever done?

Using the right opportunities to mention what I do for a living when I meet new people. It's the best form of advertising I can do, and it is free.

What would be your advice to aspiring soloists?

Open your mouth. Talk about your idea to as many people as possible. Speaking the words will make it more real, and having people championing you in your business ideas will motivate you to actually do it.

Google knows a lot! Do as much research as you can, and the best way to start a business is to start a business!

Keep your costs low until you know whether you should be investing more and go for it!

What music are you listening to at the moment? 

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis.

What is the one regret you do not want to have in this lifetime?

Not wearing my heart on my sleeve. Not much chance of that, as I am a very emotionally open person. It is both a flaw and a strength, depending on the circumstances.

What inspires you most about your work?

The projects I get to work on. I work with amazing people and I get so much satisfaction from seeing the projects take off. Especially the non profit ventures I get involved in.

What do you love most about running your own business? 

Being able to choose my own clients. I am passionate about sustainability, community initiatives and creative industries. I get to say yes to projects and clients who are doing good things for the world, which is something not everyone gets to do.

What book are you reading? 

We need to talk about Kevin, and I just finished Of Mice and Men. I read a lot.

And now comes the plug!

What do you do? Who for? And how does it benefit them?

I work with small business owners getting started or growing an existing business. My services include creating business plans, tax planning and tax return lodgement, providing marketing advice and business coaching. My clients benefit from my experience and enjoy my casual confidence and attitude.

 And where can we find out more?

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