Melissa Hii, MH Legal Advisors

I’m the principal lawyer at a ‘micro’ Law firm (a term that I’d like to think I invented!). I specialise in Corporate Law, Commercial Law and Technology Law – the corner stones of all businesses nowadays.

13 February 2016

Melissa Hii, MH Legal Advisors

We ask the tough questions of Melissa Hii, MH Legal Advisors

You’ve got a free half hour during your work day. What do you do?

If I have my daughter with me – I play.  She’s only 20 months so this can mean everything from bubbles to mud cakes to baking pretzels!  If I don’t have her with me, then I like to go for a walk. I’ve found fitting in exercise is one of the hardest things to do since returning to work as a new mum.

Who, or what, is your biggest inspiration?

My grandmother, she’s an amazingly gentle woman who has earned the respect of every member of my extended family. She is living proof that you don’t need to be obstinate or rude to have a profound influence on people.

When did you know you wanted to start your own business?

I’ve been a corporate lawyer for 10 years now, and I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. I’ve acted as the final legal decision maker for many years now, so starting my own business was a natural extension of this.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt this year?

That succeeding as a soloist is something I can do!

What’s the best bit of feedback you’ve ever had?

I make more sense than traditional lawyers!

What’s your proudest moment?

Taking the leap to start my own micro firm!

What’s your number one way to wind down?

A great book and a better glass of wine.

What’s the smartest bit of marketing you’ve ever done?

Getting in contact with other lawyers who work in the same area. Lawyers have strict rules regarding conflicts of interest and professional ethics so it’s great to have a network where I refer conflicted work to. I am a firm believer that you don’t have be aggressive or competitive to succeed in business today.

Where and when do you have your best ideas?

In the morning- I’m a morning person!

And now comes the plug for Melissa Hii, MH Legal Advisors!

What do you do? Who for? And how does it benefit them?

I’m the principal lawyer at a ‘micro’ Law firm (a term that I’d like to think I invented!).  I specialise in Corporate Law, Commercial Law and Technology Law – the corner stones of all businesses nowadays. Corporate law is relevant when you’re seeking to set up a company, sell a company (or a company’s assets), deal with ASIC or discretionary or unit trusts. Commercial law is relevant to the day to day business of a company – it assists companies to sell their services and products and undertake things like procurement activities and tender applications. Technology law is relevant to anyone who works with technology these days – whether you are buying technology products or services or dealing with a technology service provider.  These three elements are vital to businesses in today’s crazy world!

And where can we find out more about Melissa Hii, MH Legal Advisors?

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